Vaginal Steam Safety


Vaginal Steam Safety (formerly called Vaginal Steam Basics) is a course designed to learn how to safely conduct vaginal steam sessions for others either at home or in a professional setting.

Participants Usually Include:




yoga instructors


massage therapists


beauty care professionals

spa owners

women's wellness advocates

Topics Include:

-countries around the world where vaginal steaming is practiced

-the science behind why steam works as an effective therapy

-when steaming is contraindicated

-how to setup a mild steam session

-how to choose the right herbal formula

-top arguments against vaginal steaming and how to respond to them

Course materials:

Course materials include watching the video lecture and completing a study guide, quiz and practice assignment.

The entire course takes about four hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Certificate of Completion:

Certificate of Completion will be granted upon request. 

Recommended Course Materials:

To complete the assignments, it is recommended that you purchase a Vaginal Steam Sauna or that you have something comparable that you can use during the course.


Keli Garza


Logical and clear

Written by Andrea Takacs-Carvalho on 23rd Jul 2017

This course is well structured, the information is clearly explained, the content is extremely interesting and relevant to all women. And in addition to all of that Steamy Chick's herb blends are an amazing development of vaginal steaming practices, allowing different conditions to be properly treated. Keli is a revolutionary of traditions!

E-Course 100: Vaginal Steam Basics

Written by Natasha Foreman on 17th Jul 2017

Simple and easy to follow instructions...the assignment at the end just left me wanting more knowledge for individualizing treatments in my wellness center. Excited to begin E-Course 200!! Thank you, Keli, for making it your mission to not only acquire this necessary knowledge but to also share it. Much love to you for being the guiding light that you are!

course 100

Written by monse verjel on 10th Jun 2017

thank you so much for this information Keli. i've learned a lot and gained more confidence in engaging more women in conversation about this topic. also, this course although short and to the point it solidified that i want to continue learning about this practice so i will be seeing you in course 200 soon <3


Written by Autumn miller on 13th May 2017

This was awesome and didn't break my pockets. I picked up new material that I did hear from other instructors. Keep up the good work!!

Vaginal steaming 101

Written by Dion on 13th May 2017

I just completed V-steam 101 and I must say that hands down that Keli is an awesome, way down to earth teacher! She knows her stuff and has flawlessly designed this course to introduce women to a wonderful world of self care through steaming the vagina. If you are unsure or even the least bit curious about vaginal steaming, TAKE THE COURSE! You will walk away with a feeling empowerment that will leave you forever changed for the better! Thanks Keli!

healing to the next level :)

Written by iesja on 22nd Feb 2017

This course takes you to the next level of healing yourself and/or your customers. Understanding the way steam actually works within your body and how you can use it for different purposes makes the whole experience much more powerful. Also it is very nice to share online with your steam healing sisters about the knowledge and experiences that you gain throughout this course. Moreover, the course is easy to combine with other activities, but you do have to make the effort to go out and do it. Go and buy herbs, go and do the exercises. For me this has really been joyfull and didn't feel like studying all too much. Last but not least, if you are already a therapist and want to add this to your skills, you should definitely do it. In my experiences the treatment of steaming helps to reinforce benefits and insights gained with other therapies... Ok, go and do it now :)!!

Keli is AWESOME!!!

Written by Khristina Skalla on 21st Feb 2017

I had such a great time taking Kelli's course in steaming. I learned so much. The information is invaluable. I'd highly suggest taking the course if you want to help other women or if you just want a better understanding of the benefits of steaming. Such good stuff here!!! xo