Vaginal Steam Safety


Vaginal Steam Safety (updated Oct 23, 2017) is a course designed to learn how to safely conduct vaginal steam sessions for others either at home or in a professional setting.

Participants Usually Include:




yoga instructors


massage therapists


beauty care professionals

spa owners

women's wellness advocates

Topics Include:

-when steaming is contraindicated

-how to screen for sensitive users prone to side-effects

-mild steam setup

-advanced steam setup

-how to screen for excess heat

-how to choose the right herbal formula

-basic steam plans

-intake form for use with clients

Course materials:

6 Short Video Lectures

1 Study Guide

1 Practice Quiz

1 Practice Assignment

1 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Intake Form


The entire course takes about four hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Certification Exam:

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Exam 

To be taken upon completion of the course.

Certification will be granted upon satisfactory completion.

Exam Fee Required

Recommended Course Materials:

To complete the assignments, it is recommended that you purchase a Vaginal Steam Sauna or that you have something comparable that you can use during the course.


Keli Garza

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Anaya V. on 15th Dec 2017

I'm beyond grateful that such content has been created and that I decided to take this course before starting both my personal and professional vaginal steaming journey. This course confirmed things that I already knew and also taught me lots that I didn't know about the vaginal steaming practice. It's loaded with necessary & useful knowledge, it's clear & very straight forward, and contains easy to follow instructions. I also found this course very interesting and was left wanting more. Keli is an amazing teacher ! I'm already all signed up for all of the courses that's presently available and I cannot wait to begin sharing this amazing medicine with others !


Written by MH on 10th Dec 2017

I have really enjoyed this course. Kelli presents the material in an easy to learn format. Hope to change my piece of the world with this knowledge.

Knowledge with a beautiful ripple effect!

Written by Aishat Hasati on 9th Dec 2017

I truly enjoyed taking this course. Keli has created something truly great here. Her knowledge of steaming through her experiences and research are shown in how she presents the information. I appreciate all of her hard work and how she has refined the course over time. It is clear and easy to take in. I know many will benefit from this. Whether its through taking the curse themselves or from people who have received this knowledge and choose to pass the wealth and help others.

Great Course!

Written by Jaime Conneely on 26th Nov 2017

This course was so interesting and easy to follow. I love the interactive platform! Keli is amazing and so easy to connect with. You can feel her passion radiate. I cant wait to register for the advanced offerings.


Written by Keisha on 25th Nov 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It confirmed a lot for me and am now looking forward to gaining more insight and implementing,eating all that I have learned. Next up, advanced courses~. So excited!!!!! Thank you

Great information

Written by Crystal N Courtney on 18th Nov 2017

I just completed the Vaginal Steam Safety course with Steamy Chick. I'm excited to have this powerful holistic therapy as another treatment for woman to heal themselves through steaming. I'm planing to take the advance class to help other and pass this information on. Thank you for impowing us to help ourselves and others stay healthy, this is what it's all about. Each one teach one.

Vaginal Steam Safety

Written by Nicole on 8th Nov 2017

I learned a lot from the vaginal steam course. In this course you will learn about Contraindications, the differences between Advance and Mild Steaming. Great information to have to own a successful V Steam business or steam yourself correctly.

Safety and contraIndications

Written by Mosa on 6th Nov 2017

This course was very informative, i learnt a lot. It gave me a sense of comfort as a new steam chick that will pass on correct information and give proper treatment to clients. Thank you Keli for this opportunity, im forever grateful. I found the course straight forward and easy to follow.

Every woman should do this!

Written by Hannah Freeman on 5th Nov 2017

I so appreciate the years and dedication Kelli has put into her work and courses. I have been steaming for years, I learned so many new things and LOVE her products. The steaming box is really great and my clients are loving it, as am I. If you’re looking for support for yourself or starting a business this is a really incredible resource. Cheers to steaming and taking care of our bodies!

Vaginal Steam Safety Course

Written by Anissa on 24th Oct 2017

This is a good course to take to learn the basics of steaming. The video and information was very informative.

Logical and clear

Written by Andrea Takacs-Carvalho on 23rd Jul 2017

This course is well structured, the information is clearly explained, the content is extremely interesting and relevant to all women. And in addition to all of that Steamy Chick's herb blends are an amazing development of vaginal steaming practices, allowing different conditions to be properly treated. Keli is a revolutionary of traditions!

E-Course 100: Vaginal Steam Basics

Written by Natasha Foreman on 17th Jul 2017

Simple and easy to follow instructions...the assignment at the end just left me wanting more knowledge for individualizing treatments in my wellness center. Excited to begin E-Course 200!! Thank you, Keli, for making it your mission to not only acquire this necessary knowledge but to also share it. Much love to you for being the guiding light that you are!