The Way of the Perfect Period: Essentials of Proper Period Care for Enhancing Vitality, Beauty & Longevity


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The Way of the Perfect Period is a course for all menstruating females who would like to learn practical & ancient methods to properly care for themselves during the period to enhance their vitality, beauty and longevity or to eliminate menstrual related symptoms. 

Your moontime is a sacred space that holds the secrets to deep healing. It is a time for cleansing, an opportunity for your body to rest and get rid of wastes that no longer serve you. Hormonal harmony comes with properly caring for yourself during your moon and with understanding the cyclical nature of the menstrual cycle. 

 Are you supporting your monthly cleanse or working against it? If you experience menstrual related symptoms, more than likely you are working against it. This course will serve as a guide for you to tap back into the rhythm of your moontime so that you can support the full cleansing on all levels; physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Topics Include

*Introduction to The Way of the Perfect Period
*What is a Uterine Cleanse?
*Does the Uterus need to be cleansed?
*What happens if the uterus doesn't shed properly each month.
*Aren't menstrual symptoms normal?
*Isn't the Uterus "Self-Cleansing"?
*Introduction to the Moon Cycle
*What's a period, and why do we bleed?
*Women & The Moon
*4 Menstrual Cycle Phases
*Why do we need to take extra care during our periods?
*Embracing Yin by re-framing your Mindset
*Importance of Ritual & Ceremony
*Aligning with the Moon starting with your Period phase
*What to Avoid during your period
*What to Implement during your period
*Natural physiological and emotional shifts of the menstrual cycle
*Best foods for your period, plus recipes & downloadable recipe cards
*Best teas for your period, plus recipes
*Highly recommended Therapies During Your Period
*Closing and Gratitude


Kris Gonzalez

The Steamy Chick Acupuncturist


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way of the perfect period

Written by monse verjel on 15th Dec 2017

thanks so much for this golden knowledge i just know its what i need to implement into my self care routines and get my period and overall cycle in line. this combined with steaming and plenty of rest during my moon time i have a feeling are key elements in the well being we women are in so much need of. steaming has already done so much for me from having really bad cramps to no cramps or very mild ones if any, my blood is clearer and clots have diminished in size and the reason i feel, im not 100% there is because i know my diet is all over the place and not supporting my natural uterine cleanse. so this course really made it clear how vital this practice is, so thank you very much Kris + Keli <3 peace to all you beautiful ladies on your womb journeys :)

Every woman should take this course

Written by Kiersten on 13th Dec 2017

I recently completed The Way to a Perfect Period course and I so wish I had this information years ago! I'm a birth and postpartum doula and the information Kristin shares is something I can use with my clients and for myself. Kristin offers great suggestions on things like food, what to do prior to your period, and what to cut out during your period. By the end, I felt like I had steps I could easily implement into my daily life right away. The day after I finished the course my cycle started! So I was able to put things into practice. I made a few of the recipes she shares and will be definitely making them again next time around. :)

really helpful

Written by PJ on 24th Nov 2017

Ever since I first got my period, it's always been a negative experience. Between horrible PMS and terrible cramps, I've dreaded it every month and been so happy when it's done and I can get back to normal for a few weeks. I'm really glad I took this ecourse as it's helping me to shift my beliefs and attitudes about my period to something a lot more positive. Kris's videos and writings are helping me to get back in touch with my self and this important part of my life. It's also been incredibly helpful to learn how PMS/cramping isn't normal and that it is my body getting my attention and is something that I can actually change. I'm excited to incorporate this into my life.

Very valuable information

Written by Rachael on 6th Nov 2017

I very much enjoyed this course. I think every woman should be required to take this! The information is very valuable and presented in an enjoyable way that is easy to absorb. As a TCM practitioner I learned from this, but it was basic enough for a layperson to understand as well. I will definitely refer patients to this ecourse. Great print outs!

Perfect Period

Written by Kristen on 10th Oct 2017

The class offers four sections and a summary. The first three sections could be seen as helpful or a review, depending on your level of knowledge about periods/cycles/Chinese medicine. The fourth is a very practical application of all the discussion the first three covered. There is good information, but I think the (personal) challenge will be implementing it all and to create new habits.

Yes to Yin!

Written by Jessica on 9th Oct 2017

I'm so grateful for this course, for these teachings and the invitation of this women's wisdom. I've struggled with painful periods-emotionally and physically-throughout my life and have found more relief the more I learn to care for myself in a holistic way. I'm looking forward to implementing these practices and trying the nourishing recipes. I feel more empowered to care for myself knowing more of what my body does and doesn't need during my moontime. I feel like this course gives me more permission to surrender to the more yin activities I love and know are good for me during my period but can sometimes struggle with what's expected and encouraged around me. I hope one day this knowledge and the ways of caring for ourselves and each other as women become commonplace, and in order for that to happen we need to learn, live and share what we can. Thanks again Kris!

Great Course!!!!

Written by Tiana Barnes on 6th Oct 2017

I love the detail and explanations! The recipes are my favorite part! I can't wait to try the different fruits ! The videos are short,sweet and to the point! It was so amazing to listen to! Kris Gonzalez has the most soothing and inspirational voice. She made this an amazing learning experience for me! You honestly can tell she loves what she teaches!!