Welcome to Steamy Chick Inc!

I consider each one of my customers a close friend and I want to see you at your best so that you can be your best for the people that depend on you. I don't just want you to purchase a sauna--I want your life to get better because of it. I hope that you are happy with what you find on my website and that you will become my customer and my friend. I look forward to working with you.

-Keli Garza

Steamy Chick Owner



(Kris and Keli)

Keli Garza

M.A. International Development, American University


Keli is the founder and owner of Steamy Chick Inc. Keli has been researching the practice of vaginal steaming and using it in her own self-care since 2011.


Keli began selling vaginal steam kits, incidentally, in 2013 when she suggested a friend try steam therapy for menstrual complications. The friend offered to pay Keli to make her one. The next week, three more women contacted Keli in search of buying steam chairs.


Since then, Keli has worked with over 600 women using vaginal steam treatments to address gynecological complaints. Using her research background, Keli has documented hundreds of case studies holding the only known research database on vaginal steaming. 


Keli lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two little girls.



Kris Gonzalez

 L.Ac and M.S., Traditional and Oriental Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Board-Certified Herbalist

Kris learned about vaginal steaming as a young girl going to the local bathhouses with her grandmother.   It was a practice passed down from her Korean grandmother to her mother and from her mother to her. Kris practices vaginal steaming in her own self-care as well as recommends it for her clients. She was brought on board by Keli to diagnose customers and provide herbal medicine supplements.

Kris lives in San Diego with her husband and two little boys.