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Will Vaginal Steaming Help Get Me Pregnant?

As a vaginal steam therapist I get the question regularly from potential customers, "will vaginal steaming help get me pregnant?" The quick and easy answer. Yes. And here is why.

More and more women who are having difficulty getting pregnant are diagnosed by their doctors with "unexplained infertility." What I have noticed from analyzing this group of women's periods is that, the vast majority of them have old residue buildup in their uterus. And luckily for my customers, this is something that vaginal steam therapy can easily correct. In order to explain how vaginal steaming can help, let's take a closer look at the problem.

Once a month, the uterus is supposed to shed its lining and flush out an unfertilized follicle with blood. This is a period. But sometimes the uterus malfunctions. Sometimes the lining doesn't shed all the way. Or sometimes a woman's circulation is too poor to properly flush all the stuff out. If this happens then old residue might build up in the uterus. This old residue can take several forms but these are the main signs to look for:

1. Brown menses at the start of the period means that there was old blood in there from last month.

2. Brown menses at the end of the period means that there is old blood that didn't clear all the way out during this period.

3. A fibroid means that the mucus lining of the uterine wall has been building up over time into a congealed mass of phlegm that is stuck in there.

4. Clots are a sign that the circulation has been low and is causing blood to congeal and possibly get stuck in the uterus.

5. Cramps are a sign that there is old stuff stuck in there and the uterus is trying to help get it out by contracting.

If a woman has any or all of these signs it might cause her to have "unexplained infertility" to a gynecologist, but not for a vaginal steam therapist. From our point of view, the old residue is clearly interfering with conception making it difficult in several different ways.

A. When there is old residue in the uterus it can cause menstrual cycles to be irregular or too long (31 days or longer). If the cycle becomes irregular then the ovulation becomes irregular and this can cause a problem predicting the right time for conception sex.

B. The follicle might actually get fertilized but not be able to implant in the uterus properly due to old blood and mucus buildup on the uterine wall.

C. If the old residue has been building up for a long time and the menses doesn't have much fresh blood, this is often an indicator that the uterus is so hampered by old residue that the fallopian tubes themselves might be blocked. In this scenario the follicle is not able to move through the fallopian tube into the uterus. This makes natural conception impossible without cleaning up the old residue first.

This is where vaginal steaming comes in. Vaginal steam therapy cleans up old residue by: a) increasing the blood circulation so that the period itself can be more efficient; and b) loosening up and liquefying the old residue so that it can flush out during the next period.

Vaginal steam therapy is most effective when tailored to meet the needs of the individual client but will usually involve 6-10 steam sessions per month for three cycles in a row. Usually, the first month the client will see an increase in old stuff coming out during the period. The second month there is usually less old stuff that comes out. And the third month the period is usually clean with only fresh red blood. You know what that means? A healthy, happy uterus ready to make a baby.

And an added benefit, taking this time out to work on a healthy uterus before conception decreases the chance of developmental disabilities and complications during pregnancy. It's the closest guarantee for a successful pregnancy.

About the Author:

Keli Garza is the owner of Steamy Chick and the world's leading expert on vaginal steam therapy.