Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification (Approved for PDAs)

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The Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification is a specialization for acupuncturists to add to their current practice.

Vaginal steaming is a term to describe the therapy of introducing steam and smoke from boiled or burned medicinal herbs to the genitalia for gynecological uses.

Is this therapy within the scope of practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners? It is. There are many references to it's use within TCM ancient and modern texts. 

In this certification we will start with historical context of vaginal steaming and a literary survey on the use of vaginal steaming in Chinese Medicine. We will also discuss modern applications and how it's used worldwide. 


Keli Garza

Kris Gonzalez


Online E-course via Coursecraft

Pre-Recorded Videos

Written Lectures


What is Vaginal Steaming & Fumigation Therapy?

Fumigation Through the Ages & Across Regions

Classical Chinese Medicine Literary Survey on Fumigation

Modern Chinese Medicine Sources & Uses

Modern Applications of Fumigation Therapy

Vaginal Steam Contraindications

How to Identify Sensitive Users

Mild Steam Setup

Advanced Steam Setup

Cloaking Practices and Materials

Herbal Formula Selection

Basic Steam Plans

Intake Form


6 PDA Hours

The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute is NCCAOM PDA Provider #171436.


Unlimited Access 

Go At Your Own Pace

Certification Requirements

Acupuncture Steam Therapist Course

Must Hold Existing Acupuncture Degree


Vaginal Steam Directory

Once certified the participant will receive a free listing as an Acupuncture Steam Therapist in the Vaginal Steam Directory. 

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Great course!

Written by Kimberly on 2nd Nov 2018

So well researched, I enjoyed learning from you.

Great course!

Written by Kristin Hauser on 11th Oct 2018

I really enjoyed the course material from Kris and Keli! It's very straight forward and will be easy to use in practice.

Great course!

Written by Dr. Danett Bean on 4th Oct 2018

Very informative and detailed as to how to help women properly benefit from this healing art.