Postpartum Peristeam Practitioner Certification (Approved for Midwife CEUs)

Total Price = $485

The Postpartum Peristeam Practitioner certification is ideal for doulas, midwives and other professionals or community members who work with postpartum mothers.

Vaginal steaming for posptartum care is the most common use of peristeaming around the world and it resolves EVERY postpartum complaint you can imagine--postpartum contractions, hemorrhoids, incontinence, prolapse, pregnancy weight.

The reason why vaginal steaming is so great for after birth care is because it has the potential to allow full recovery and return the mom to her pre-pregnancy state. This course will teach exactly how to do that. 

Participants Usually Include





expectant mothers

birthwork supporters


-The history of postpartum peristeaming

-Postpartum vaginal steam benefits

-Postpartum peristeam plans

-How to stop heavy postpartum bleeding

-Additional postpartum recommendations

-Postpartum maintenance until period returns

-What to do for early or late period returns

-How to address extended lochia

-Postpartum steaming business models

-Additional practices to support the postpartum month

Course Materials

Video Lectures

Study Guides


Practice Assignment

 The online portion of the course takes about 5 hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Note: The practice assignment requires working with a postpartum mom. This can be a friend, client or yourself. 

Certification Requirements:

1) Complete the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification

2) Complete the course - Postpartum Peristeam Care: How to Use Vaginal Steaming for Full Recovery After Birth

3) Complete the course - Moon Medicine::Radical Self-Care Practices for the Perfect Period

What does it cost?

$194 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification

$194 Postpartum Peristeam Care course

$97 Moon Medicine course

Total = $485

Continuing Education Hours

Approved for 6 Hours (.6 Continuing Education Units) by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council


Keli Garza

A great e-course!

Written by Nadia on 12th Jul 2018

I really loved Keli's postpartum peristeam course. It is well structured and especially the study guide helped me a lot to take notes while watching the video. Every question I had was answered. Could highly recommend!

Postpartum Peristeam Course

Written by ZOFIA HAUSMAN on 12th Jul 2018

Educational and empowering. Packed full of information and upon completion left me with no unanswered questions. I highly recommend this course for doulas, midwives, birth workers and especially for mothers to be!

Thank you for an informative course!

Written by Amy on 6th Jul 2018

This course offers detailed information on using peristeaming for complete recovery after childbirth. It gives clear information on herbal blend choices, contraindications and protocols to safely and confidently work with postpartum women. I feel armed with all the information I need to work with these women in my practice. Thank you Keli!

Just go for it!

Written by HEIDI LONG on 6th Jul 2018

I felt very supported by Keli in learning this healing technique. I am a birth doula and wanted to incorporate some sort of herbal knowledge into my practice. This was the right fit. She supports you with information and even how to set up a business using the postpartum herbal care material. If not for your business, then for you.


Written by AKUA KWAYANA on 6th Jul 2018

I’m currently pregnant and can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned in this course on myself postpartum. Keli is a great teacher!

Postpartum Course

Written by Holly on 25th Jun 2018

I really enjoyed this course! I felt very well prepared to facilitate a steam for a woman that was 8 days postpartum. I also felt confident in teaching her how to continue steaming on her own for 30 days. I highly recommend this course for anyone working with postpartum women!

Awesome stuff!

Written by Dr. Kimberly Boileau (Traverse) on 3rd Jun 2018

This was a great course, I also took Keli's Postpartum steaming course. As a naturopathic doctor, I am formally trained in eastern and western medicine for womens health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine as well as hydrotherapy. This was a great way to confirm that I understand the history and tradition of vaginal steaming as well as the practical aspects - how to build treatment protocols and ensure that I have a clear list of screening questions for each individual. Thanks Keli!