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Vaginal Steaming for Postpartum Recovery is a course for participants involved in birthwork who would like to learn how to use vaginal steaming for full recovery after birth. 

Vaginal steaming for posptartum care is the most common use of vaginal steaming around the world and it resolves EVERY postpartum complaint you can imagine--postpartum contractions, hemorrhoids, incontinence, prolapse, pregnancy weight...the list goes on and on.

The reason why vaginal steaming is so great for after birth care is because it has the potential to allow full recovery and return the mom to her pre-pregnancy state. This course will teach exactly how to do that. 

Participants Usually Include





expectant mothers

birthwork supporters

Topics Include

-The history of postpartum vaginal steaming

-Postpartum vaginal steam benefits

-Postpartum vaginal steam protocols

-How to stop heavy postpartum bleeding

-Additional postpartum recommendations

-Postpartum maintenance until period returns

-What to do for early or late period returns

-How to address extended lochia

-Postpartum steaming business models

-Additional practices to support the postpartum month

Course materials

Video Lectures

Study Guides


1 practice assignment

1 Exam ($97 fee)

 The online portion of the course takes about 5 hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Note: The practice assignment requires working with a postpartum mom. This can be a friend, client or yourself. 

Exam Fee

There is an additional exam fee in the course for those that are taking the course for credit.

Exam fee is $97. 


Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification


Vaginal Steam Starter's Guide


Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification


Keli Garza

postpartum vaginal steaming

Written by Laura Durbin on 14th Dec 2018

This was the best course I have taken in a long time. Every woman needs to steam following birth to have a full postpartum recovery and to have radiant health and vitality. I am so excited to see this type of knowledge spreading as I truly believe valuing the postpartum recovery time will save relationships and marriages, moms mental health, mom and baby bonding.....because when mom is feeling so good and relaxed, nourished and the great oxytocin boost you get from postpartum steaming, everything else can fall into place because she is supported in her postpartum healing.

An in depth look for postpartum care.

Written by ThaooAishat Hasati on 19th Nov 2018

I really enjoyed this course especially because the focus I have with my work is postpartum care. What I learned in this course deepened my knowledge on both about steaming and postpartum. Keli is always putting her best into her work and it shows.

Great program!

Written by Kimberly Boileau on 14th Jul 2018

Its very obvious Keli is really great at what she does and her work is very empowering.


Written by Akua Kwayana on 23rd May 2018

I’m currently pregnant and can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned in this course on myself postpartum. Keli is a great teacher!


Written by Kiana Samuel on 25th Feb 2018

I absolutely loved this course.

Very Outstanding!

Written by Doula on 13th Feb 2018

This class was phenomenal! So detail and very informative! Much Gratitude

Just go for it!

Written by Heidi Long on 13th Feb 2018

I felt very supported by Keli in learning this healing technique. I am a birth doula and wanted to incorporate some sort of herbal knowledge into my practice. This was the right fit. She supports you with information and even how to set up a business using the postpartum herbal care material. If not for your business, then for you.

Postpartum Peristeam Course

Written by Zofia Hausman on 13th Feb 2018

Educational and empowering. Packed full of information and upon completion left me with no unanswered questions. I highly recommend this course for doulas, midwives, birth workers and especially for mothers to be!

A great e-course!

Written by Nadia on 7th Feb 2018

I really loved Keli's postpartum peristeam course. It is well structured and especially the study guide helped me a lot to take notes while watching the video. Every question I had was answered. Could highly recommend!