Womb Cleanse Care

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Written by Julie Jetzer on 18th Jan 2019

Over the past two months I have been going though this training and learning so much about my body and how I can better serve myself and my clients. It starts with me!!!

So Much Invaluable Information!

Written by Melanie A Kohler-Schlager on 11th Jan 2019

The Womb Cleanse Care course should be taught to all people with a uterus, especially school aged. This really is must know information and Keli Garza delivers it in a way everyone, including young people, can understand. Fabulous!

Important information

Written by Prairie Wolfe on 9th Jan 2019

Fabulous information included in this course. It's basic information that every womb-owner should know from childhood.

more great info

Written by Katie Bradshaw on 6th Jan 2019

Loved all of this wise woman info. Now I will look forward to my moon cycle! Kelli is so great to answer all of your questions that you post in comments as well. Thank YOU!

Womb Care Section Shines Light!

Written by Ashley Emery on 1st Jan 2019

The womb care section really put into perspective what is going on in the body and how important rest is. This is without a doubt the information girls need when they begin their first cycle.


Written by Dagmar on 1st Jan 2019

i wish every woman (and man) would know this!! This is something what could be included in school education and especially every health care practitioner must know! Thank you very much for sharing so much important informations which I certainly will put in practice and then share from my experience with my clients.