Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification Exam

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If you facilitate vaginal steam sessions in a professional setting and would like certification as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator the Steamy Chick Institute of Peristeam Hydrotherapy will certify you upon satisfactory completion of an exam. 

The purpose of the exam is to ensure that certified facilitators know how to screen for contraindications, sensitivities, excess heat and to make the proper herb selection in order to safely set up vaginal steam sessions for clients.

Participants who pass the exam will be issued a certificate with the title Vaginal Steam Facilitator.

Participants who do not pass are encouraged to review the Vaginal Steam Safety course an additional time and then re-test.

Re-testing requires paying the exam fee again.


The course Vaginal Steam Safety is designed specifically to prepare for this exam. It is unlikely that you will pass the exam without the specific information in this course.

About the Exam

The exam is online and available immediately. Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email with the exam link. The exam consists of 16 questions and may take anywhere from 45-60 min to complete. 

About the Certificate

It make take 4-5 days to receive the grade for the exam. The certificate will then be mailed out to participant within another 2-3 days. The title "Vaginal Steam Facilitator" will read on the certificate.

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