Vaginal Steam Facilitator

The Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification is designed for a person who facilitates vaginal steam sessions for clients in a professional setting or offers mobile service steam sessions. Perfect for spas, acupuncture clinics, birthworkers, massage studios, alternative health providers, and beauty salons. 

This is the first level of certification as a vaginal steam specialist and shows that the facilitator knows how to screen for contraindications and sensitivities in order to choose a safe vaginal steam setup and select the right Steamy Chick herb blend for each client's needs.

(!!!) Important: At this level the information about herbs in this course is limited to using the Steamy Chick vaginal steam herbal blends. If you plan to mix your own herbs because you are an herbalist or because you are outside the US and cannot get Steamy Chick herbs you will also need to take the course How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Blends at the same time as this course.(!!!)

Certificate Requirements

1) Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification Course

2) Pass the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Exam 

(!!!) Important: Please note an additional $97 is charged at the time of examination (!!!) 

3) Those not using Steamy Chick herbs also must take the course How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Blends. 

What Does Certification Cost?

$97 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification course

$97 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Exam


For those mixing their own herbs it's also another $97 for the herb course. 

Total with herb course=$291