I want a Vaginal Steam Sauna. What Do I Do?

Yay! Click here to buy one now.

What is Included with the Vaginal Steam Sauna?

The wooden sauna seat, burner, pot and 10 packs of herbs. 

How do I know which herbs I need?

When selecting your herbs as part of the steam sauna, there is a description next to each herb that says who it's the best choice for. That should make it clear. If you're still unsure, read the FAQs on the Custom Vaginal Steam Herb page. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently, we offer shipping to Canada. The shipping is really expensive elsewhere. For European orders, please check out vaginal steam therapist Carina Lyall at www.carinalyall.com. 

Will the Steam Sauna Come with Instructions?

Yes. Click here for the online user guide.

What is the Best Time for Me to Steam?

This varies from woman to woman. Please refer to the Steam Therapy Plan Tutorial in the User Guide.

I purchased the herbs only and do not have a steamy chick sauna. How should I prepare them? How should I set up the steam session?

Please refer to the page on Setup and Herb Prep without a Sauna in the user guide. 

How Long Will It Take for Me to Get My Steam Sauna Once I Order?

Orders ship within 24-48 hours on weekdays. Orders placed before 9am PST go out the same day. Orders placed after 9am go out the next day. Friday orders after 9am PST are processed on Monday. 

What is the Weight Limit for the Steam Sauna?

It holds 250 pounds without any problem. I'd guess it holds up to 500 pounds or more. It is a sturdy wooden box.

Will the Steam Sauna be Comfortable?

As long as you can comfortably sit on a toilet seat, the vaginal steam chair will be comfortable to sit on. If your legs fall asleep or you have discomfort sitting on a toilet seat, then you might experience the same discomfort with the steam sauna.

To make it more comfortable you can put a soft blanket down on the lid and can position it against a wall and put a pillow behind your back.

Is it safe to do Vaginal Steam While Pregnant?

No. Steaming should not be done during pregnancy because it may open the cervix and cause miscarriage. However, you should purchase one while pregnant and have it set up for use starting 4 days after giving birth. 

Is it safe to steam with an IUD?

I only recommend steaming with the copper IUD.

I have worked with several women that have steamed with IUDs and there have never been any reported side effects. It seems to be very useful to help reduce some of the complaints of IUD users (i.e. heavy bleeding, cramping, clots, brown blood).

It appears to be safe to steam with plastic IUDs as long as it is a mild steam for no longer than 10 min. Steaming longer might have effects on the plastic (i.e. releasing chemicals) or on the artificial hormone release.

Can I steam if I'm using oral birth control pills? 

Yes. It is perfectly safe and can be helpful to keep the period healthy (fresh red menses) while on the pill. It also helps to reduce clots, stringiness and cramps.

Can More Than One Person Use the Same Steam Sauna?

 Yes. One is sufficient per household. Wash the herb pot between uses. 

What is the Size of the Steam Chair?

15" length x 15" width x 15" height

Where Can I Store My Steam Chair When Not in Use?

 It can easily be stored in a closet, on a back porch, in the bathroom or in a corner. You can also turn it upside down and use it as a plant holder, extra seat or end table. 

What Do I Do When I Run Out of Herbs?

You can order more herbs from the website store. Check out the Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs.

You can also gather your own herbs from a garden, farmers market or grocery store produce section.

You can also steam without herbs using only water.

Do Herbal Teas Come with My Vaginal Steam Chair?

No. The vaginal steam package comes with 10 packets of steaming herbs for external use.

Can I Buy Only the Electric Burner and Herb Pot?

Yes, they are available in the online store.