Feminine Cycle 101

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Bridging Western & Eastern teachings to the positive aspects of your female cycle. The focus of this class is on body literacy, self-awareness and best practices to protect our vital blood; our heavenly water & essence to live in more harmony and vitality.

We are biologically synced and connected to nature’s rhythms and cycles. History reflects that women are influenced by the moon. As bleeding women, during our menstruating years, we transition through phases of change every month or so just as the seasons change in a year. We have mini inner seasons. This is why we are dynamic. This is where our power lies. Tapping into this rhythm will not only bring you greater well being & longevity, but also wakes creative juices and increases meaningful productivity.

Each menstrual phase shares it's wisdom with us with the overarching goal of minding your energy not only on the physical level but with all aspects of the self. You are not only your physical body. You have a mental, emotional and spiritual body that interplays into the manifestation of “you". In this course we'll dive into exploring each phase, practice it's medicine and experience more understanding, ease and flow.

You'll learn the foundational basics of your menstrual cycle; your organs, your hormones & your blood. Menstruation is a vital sign and we'll talk about how to read your blood. Each phase has best practices from what is best to eat, what exercise is most suited and overall energetics.

Course Information and Outline

Online, Self-Paced E-Course with 4 Modules

Assignment at the end of each Module
Unlimited Access to video & lesson series
Printable Journal
Printable Moontime Medicine Wheel
Access to private Facebook group; Menstrual Attunement
Module One

Introducing your cyclic nature
I Am Medicine :: Anatomy
Ebb & Flow :: Hormones
Inner Seasons, Archetypes and the 5 Elements
Shifting Mindset :: Menstrual Power

Module Two

The Blood Phase :: Inner Winter
Embracing Yin
On Our Moon :: Best Practices

Module Three

The Yin Phase :: Inner Spring :; Best Practices
The Yang Phase :: Inner Summer :: Best Practices
Liquid Pearl :: Moonflower :: Cervical Fluid

Module Four

The Qi Phase :: Inner Autumn :: Best Practices
Steaming the Jade Gate & Golden Valley
Riding the Waves :: Putting it all together 


Kris Gonzalez

The Steamy Chick Acupuncturist


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Course Duration

6 Hours


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Written by zaire on 25th Sep 2018

With every module the energy of the shifting seasons can be felt. I deeply appreciate the information and "putting it all together". I make the pledge to care for ME!!!