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Period Resting Time

Resting during the period is your cycle's equivalent to a good night's rest.

There's nothing that can replace it. And it will make your cycle healthy faster than anything else.

For best results engage in as much bed rest as possible the first four days of your period.


Difficult Conversations, News, Stressful Situations, Social Events, Responsibilities, Entertaining, Crowded Places



Dong Quai and Red Date Tea

What if I Have to Work?

Go to work, do the bare minimum and then go straight home to bed.

At work keep a low profile and try to talk as little as possible.

I'm a Mom. This is Impossible Because I Don't Ever Have a Day Off.

I hear you. This is a real challenge. I'll share with you the way I handle it in hopes that perhaps you will find some ways to take it easy during that time as well.

I call in all my childcare favors during this time. I send the husband on a daytrip with them, I call their grandma and see if she'll pick them up, etc. However, usually they end up staying home with me. I let them watch youtube kids on their electronic devices and they veg out in bed with me. It's not my ideal rest but it works. The kids love it. It's a cuddly bonding time and my daughters learn about the period resting time.

Of course I still have to feed them meals but I keep it simple and also let them snack a lot. If possible, I order in or try to get the husband to pick food up. 

What If My Period is Unpredictable and/or I Don't Know When It's Coming

I have an app and calendar to keep track of my menstrual cycle. The period is supposed to come on menstrual cycle day 28, 29 or 30. I notice that I start to feel a bit tired around menstrual cycle day 25 or 26. That feeling and those days are my indicators to do all my grocery shopping and housecleaning so that I can properly rest when my period arrives. I will also usually clear my schedule as much as possible and not make any social commitments for the next week until I know my period will be over.

For those with short cycles you'll have to plan earlier. For those with long cycles you should still start getting ready for your period on days 25 or 26. Often this cue can help the cycle regulate to the normal time frame. 

Chick Calendar

I created a really basic app a couple years ago to guide women through their menstrual cycles. It's very unique because it gives nutrition, exercise, fertility and lifestyle advice for every day of the menstrual cycle. Using it helps to understand how to keep the menstrual cycle in balance naturally and how to properly care for yourself during the period. It is a bit outdated and there are plans to re-do it. but I want to share it with you in the meantime because it has a lot of valuable information that might be helpful to you. Oh yeah, and it's free. 

Check it out below: