How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Blends - 401

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How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb blends is a course for people that want to work with herbs directly to create their own vaginal steam herb blends that are tailored for different needs. 

Participants Usually Include:




Topics Include:

-herbal benefits to vaginal steaming

-vaginal steam herb categories

-how to find out the classification of herbs according to western and Traditional Chinese Medicine properties

-how to make a universal vaginal steam herbal formula

-how to adjust the universal formula for different users

-best way to prepare herbs

-how to re-use herbs

-how to work with familiar herbs

-how to work with native herbs

-where to purchase herbs

-which forms of herbs not to use

-working with dry versus fresh herbs

-overview of Steamy Chick herb blends

Note: This course is focused on teaching a participant how to make their own formula. It does not include specific recipes.

Course materials:

1 Video Lecture (1.5 hours)

1 Study Guide

1 Practice Quiz

2 Practice Assignments

 The entire course takes about four hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.


You must take the Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification before or along with this course in order for the herb course to make entire sense. 


Certificate of completion will be granted upon satisfactorily completing the Level I Vaginal Steam Facilitator certificate and satisfactory completion of this course. 

Recommended Course Materials:

To complete the assignments, it is recommended that you purchase a Vaginal Steam Sauna or that you have something comparable that you can use during the course.

You will also need to source herbs to use for completing the assignment. I encourage the use of using local herbs native to your region and herbs that you already have in-house. No need to purchase or order herbs from far away.


Keli Garza

A MUST DO course!!

Written by Angela Stringhini on 9th Oct 2018

I am blown away by this course..I am fascinated by how Keli put all together to help us to choose the right formula. The course is complete, the energetic of the herbs according to TCM is a complex subject, but Keli makes it accessible and easy to understand, so no matter which herb you use, once you learn how to identify the energetics and the properties you are done, you have a balanced formula and know how to adapt according to the patients needs! Voila! I found it genius the herbal formula classification table she made and the assignments she created. They put your understanding into practice and it is fascinating to learn this way. Keli is an excellent teacher and she supports and guides all the way through. Even if you are going to buy her herbs in USA, I highly recommend this course as part of your Steam facilitator course or for personal herbal choice, because it will not only teach you how to make herbal formulas for steaming, , but it will also going to help you to better understand the signs and symptoms the clients present with how you can help them better!

Loved this course

Written by MacKenzie on 24th Sep 2018

Great class! There is a lot of hands on learning and feedback along the way! It was essential for learning the properties and qualities of herbs needed for steaming.

Herbal Course

Written by Margaret Webb on 15th Sep 2018

I am totally "nerding out" after this class. If you love the idea of mixing herbs, studying herbs, picking herbs in your area, making teas and steams, as well as selecting, balancing, and dosing information—this is the course for you!

Great Trainin

Written by Aressia Richardson on 6th Sep 2018

The training is detailed and I understand how to categorize herbs. Also, I know how to gauge the strength of herbs and how they help with certain issues. Keli and her admins are great and give answers help with questions.


Written by Mariana Campos on 25th Jun 2018

I took this course for my own healing journey and it has opened a whole new world of wisdom to me. To learn how to find the balance within a formula was a great teaching, it makes me feel comfortable and safe to share my formula with my friends and support them on their own healing processes.

Encouraged to learn and explore

Written by Anja on 13th Jun 2018

I really enjoyed this course. It re-ignited by interest in herbs, researching them and trying them out. Keli encourages you to make your own research, trial and test and makes you think! There is so much to learn. Keli offers great content and offer individual feedback on your assignments and questions. It has brought a new interest into how to work with herbs and healing (I'm an ayurvedic practitioner) and broadened my horizons. Looking forward to start implementing it more and more in my practise.


Written by Ananda De Martini on 11th Jun 2018

Great class on learning the properties and qualities of herbs needed for steaming. Keli guides you one on one to create herbal blends that are unique to your offering and expertise.

The joy of getting to know herbs!

Written by ThaooAishat Hasati on 24th May 2018

This course, along with all of the others I have taken from Keli, is amazing! I have wanted to expand my knowledge of plants and herbs for quite some time now, having benefited from there amazing abilities. The information provided goes beyond what I expected and my appreciation for the healing benefits has deepened. It’s truly broken down to a science and you are forced to really get to know each herb and plant that you plan to work with up close and personal. It’s so much fun too. Thank you so much Keli!!

Course is a necessity!

Written by Unique Hutchinson on 23rd Apr 2018

Before taking this course, I figured that maybe I could just use my herbalist training to create blends needed for vaginal steaming. I was sort of wrong, yes my training as an Herbalist was helpful in this course but I needed the lessons and information provided by Keli to make it all gel together. I am glad that I took it a step further by completing this course and am now confident with the blends I have created to support clients and provide accessible Western Herb Blends to other providers. Thank you again Keli!!!!

Loved the course!

Written by Marina Schroeder on 19th Apr 2018

Keli is such an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to all things vaginal steaming! She provides so much information in this course about how to make vaginal steam herb blends and it really expanded my skillset as a Women's Health Coach and Vaginal Steam Facilitator. Keli is very active in the online course and responds to questions/comments quickly. Keli's unique approach combined with her passion for this work, makes this experience like hanging out with a girlfriend while gaining some serious knowledge!