How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Blends

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How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb blends is a course for people that want to work with herbs directly to create their own vaginal steam herb blends that are tailored for different needs. 

Participants Usually Include:




spa owners



Topics Include:

-herbal benefits to vaginal steaming

-vaginal steam herb categories

-how to find out the classification of herbs according to western and Traditional Chinese Medicine properties

-how to make a universal vaginal steam herbal formula

-how to adjust the universal formula for different users

-best way to prepare herbs

-how to re-use herbs

-how to work with familiar herbs

-how to work with native herbs

-where to purchase herbs

-which forms of herbs not to use

-working with dry versus fresh herbs

-overview of Steamy Chick herb blends

Note: This course is focused on teaching a participant how to make their own formula. It does not include specific recipes.

Course materials:

1 Video Lecture (1.5 hours)

1 Study Guide

1 Practice Quiz

2 Practice Assignments


The entire course takes about four hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.


A certificate of completion will be issued upon request.

Recommended Course Materials:

To complete the assignments, it is recommended that you purchase a Vaginal Steam Sauna or that you have something comparable that you can use during the course.


Keli Garza

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