Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

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Learn how to make 5 vaginal steam herb formulas (universal, cleansing, disinfecting, gentle and cooling) using the following 7 herbs: motherwort, lavender, nettles, mint, astragalus, mugwort and citrus peels. 

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Topics Include:

-vaginal steam herb categories

-classification of herbs according to western and Traditional Chinese Medicine properties

-how to make 5 universal vaginal steam herb formulas tailored for different users

(universal, cleansing, disinfecting, cooling, gentle)

-how to prepare herbs

-how to re-use herbs

-where to purchase herbs

-which forms of herbs not to use

-working with dry versus fresh herbs

Note: This course includes specific recipes.

Course materials

15 Short Video Lectures

 The entire course is go-at-your-own-pace.


It's recommended to take the Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification before or along with this course.

For acupuncturists the recommended course is Acupuncture Steam Therapist Certification.


Please note -- there is NOT a certification that goes along with this course. 

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Keli Garza

Herb blends course

Written by Constanza Leal-Woods on 3rd Dec 2018

I absolutely adore the way you teach, and I cannot wait to put to use the native plant allies from where I live. Thank you SO MUCH!

Herb course

Written by Lindy Bosma on 3rd Dec 2018

Loved the new herb course! It was easy to follow and super interesting. Thank you Keli!

Herb Course Review

Written by Carmen on 2nd Dec 2018

The course was great! Quick and easy to follow.

Herbal Formula course

Written by Heather Goldberg on 29th Nov 2018

A wealth of information! Feeling so much more competent when I can make my own herbal formulas!

Highly Recommend!

Written by Kristina on 28th Nov 2018

I loved this course! Definitely a must for anyone new to vaginal steaming. Keli presents everything in such a down to earth way, that is enjoyable and easy to understand. So glad I did this course!

Great Intro to Vaginal Steaming Herbs

Written by Laurel Fahlman on 27th Nov 2018

This course was a great over view into the herbs and herbal blends that Keli uses for her formulas. She also goes over the classifications of the herbs themselves according to TCM and Western Medicine, which helps in adapting the same technique to herbs that are available locally to me! Thanks Keli!

Amazing Course!!!

Written by CYNTHIA RENA on 27th Nov 2018

I LOVED this course so much!! So very interesting and easy to follow. It contains everything you need to know to get going with making herbal blends for vaginal steaming. I can't wait to start making my own. Keli is such a wonderful teacher and presence. She makes you feel welcome and warm, like you are having a conversation with a cherished friend and mentor. Thank you so much for all you do for women. I am so happy to be able to learn this special practice.


Written by DIsa on 27th Nov 2018

It was great, really inpiring!

Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formula

Written by Kristen Hurvitz on 26th Nov 2018

Fantastic course on how to make your own herbal blends for steaming. Kelli provides clear and easy to understand instructions.

Thank You!

Written by Sarah Kelloway on 22nd Nov 2018

A really informative, well presented course with heaps of information. Keli is so knowledgable and explains everything so thoroughly which really helps. Totally recommended!

Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

Written by Melanie on 21st Nov 2018

I am very impressed with this new class format. Very easy to digest and navigate. I love your video's, Thank you Keli!

Great course!

Written by Venus H. on 20th Nov 2018

This is so helpful for someone just learning about herbs for steaming. Looking forward to taking additional more advanced courses in the future. Thank you!

Great course

Written by Meri Meloyan on 19th Nov 2018

Easy to follow

Steam Course

Written by Tiyana Chong on 19th Nov 2018

Excellent Course! Keli is very knowledgeable on the different herbs to use for vaginal steams... I highly recommend this course. You will learn so much about herbs and how to use them to create a V- steam for yourself or a client...

Keli's vaginal steam herb formulas course

Written by Sabrina on 18th Nov 2018

As in her other course Keli is as clear as thorough, and as a women's ally, support, educator, doula and herbalist I am thrilled to be able to understand and create vaginal steaming blends for women at any age. The TCM perspective, which was enve deeper in the first version of this course, is still really present and that is really something I appreciated as it connects to my practices and knowledge and makes so much sense. Thank you Keli for your simple, clear, authentic videos, for sharing who you are and your practice, and for this work that you share and do.

Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

Written by Tamika Wheeler on 16th Nov 2018

Class was wonderful. A lot of useful information as to for putting together your own formulas. I would recommend. Thanks Keli.

Great course.

Written by Abigail Guzman on 15th Nov 2018

Very informative. As an herbalist I could see how what I already know comes into play for yoni steaming.

Herb course

Written by Courtni on 14th Nov 2018

Great course!

knowledgeable course that inspires personal exploration

Written by Elizabeth Hoffmann on 13th Nov 2018

This course was brief compared to the facilitators course but I am not complaining. Each video was very succinct and helpful. I feel like I have a better understanding of herbal blends and how to make them locally and in small amounts as well as bulk. Keli is a great educator!

Herbal blends

Written by Adenike Olaore on 13th Nov 2018

The updated version is very informative and easy to understand. Many thanks


Written by rebecca on 13th Nov 2018

It was a course easy to understand however I do would have wanted a little deeper information about more herbs than the one used in the universal blend.

herbal blends review

Written by Daisy Sanjase on 11th Nov 2018

Thank you so much Keli for clarification and visuals, am very confident now. Again thank you so much for the time you are taking with teaching us about this almost forgotten tradition

Love it!

Written by Niveen Al-Remeithi on 10th Nov 2018

in my opinion, it is very important to take this course if you are taking the VS facilitator course, it gives you the knowledge needed to start steaming if you want to make your own herbal blends.

Herb Course Review

Written by Lauren Scott on 9th Nov 2018

I took the new Easy to Make Vaginal Steam Herbal Formulas course and it was great! It's exactly as the title implies-- very easy to follow and learn. I now feel very confident about my abilities to put together herbal formulas for myself and my clients, knowing these specific herbs are vetted, safe and effective by Keli and all her expertise.

Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

Written by Katie Cotton on 8th Nov 2018

Loved this course Keli. It took the intimidation out of figuring out which herbs are good to help treat which ailments and issues. Very simple and straight forward material. I appreciate you!

Updated herbs course

Written by Sarah on 8th Nov 2018

The upgraded herb course is very easy to understand. Thanks for making it clearer.

Herb Course

Written by Ariane Bailey on 8th Nov 2018

Course was very informative and easy to follow.

Wonderful Course!

Written by Lina on 8th Nov 2018

I’m so happy about all the precious information you’re sharing with us in this course! It helped me a lot in understanding how to adjust my formula for the different needs of women! Thank you so much

Herb Formulas!

Written by Gillian Robinson on 8th Nov 2018

The herb course was straight forward, informative and educational. Thank you Keli!!!!!

Herbal Formula Course Review

Written by Sama Morningstar on 8th Nov 2018

So wonderful how you broke it all down for simplicity and clarity. I am so inspired to learn more about herbs and make my own formulas

Herb Course

Written by Renee Alexander on 7th Nov 2018

Excellent Course ! I feel confident in blending my own herbs using the proper ratios ! 5 Stars *********

Herb Course

Written by Renee Alexander on 7th Nov 2018

Excellent Course ! I feel confident in blending my own herbs using the proper ratios ! 5 Stars *********


Written by tessa bobir on 7th Nov 2018

Have absolutely loved both the courses I signed up for, definitely recommend !!


Written by Sarah Kelloway on 7th Nov 2018

This course has really brought me into a much deeper relationship with herbs and plants, as well as my body. Keli is full of knowledge and her videos and assignments are so well planned and informative :) I totally recommend this course, it has been gorgeous! I am definitely going to continue my training with Keli and Steamy Chick x x


Written by Dajah Rodall on 5th Nov 2018

This course has provided me with so much information and I cant wait to start making my own steams


Written by Alexandria King on 5th Nov 2018

Thank you for sharing your words and experience of steam blends. It was clarifying for me which says a lot. I have less questions bubbling up from a place of insecurity around blending now. Thank you.

Great Course! Learned so much!

Written by Lina Lenjer on 5th Nov 2018

The Course helped me so much to learn how I can work with plants to create Steam Blends! I love the way you work with the plants and I feel so much more confident and able to find the right dosage of the different herbs and a good balanced out blend! Thank you so much for this Course!

Easy to make herb course

Written by Nesa on 5th Nov 2018

The easy to make herb course was really helpful in how to make an herbal blend along with which herbs to use! I feel more empowered with what herbs to use. Thank you!

Thank you Steamy Chick

Written by Mo on 5th Nov 2018

The Steamy Chick Courses have been very informative as well as fun & interactive. Thank you Ms. Keli & all the ladies that share their stories of this natural healing journey. I wish you all the best!

Easy to Make

Written by Christian Melvin on 3rd Nov 2018

All of these courses I have completed are so informative and easy to use. Kelli is an awesome teacher!

Herb course

Written by Habibah on 2nd Nov 2018

Excellent course, straightforward and easy to comprehend

How to Make Steam Herbs

Written by Sekayi on 1st Nov 2018

THANK YOU! The format of this course made it SO easy to follow and understand. I am confident that I will be able to not only prepare my own batches of herbs based on her herbal blend recipes but...develop my own blends! Thanks again for another great course!

Easy to make vaginal steam herbs

Written by Lindy Bosma on 1st Nov 2018

Loved it. Very easy to follow. Thank you for this, for me it was easier than the original herb course.

Herbal Course

Written by Melissa Martin (Van Huisstede) on 30th Oct 2018

Thank you so much for the new clarity on the herbs and the formulas! Looking forward to getting started really soon! Just have to finish my assignments for the Facilitator Course.

Women's medicine!

Written by Franciska on 30th Oct 2018

As someone just starting to dive deep into herbs I'm so happy I took this course to compliment the Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification. I took it to learn more about how to approach steaming and what properties the herbs have. It's really almost unbelievable how effective these gentle treatments are. Upon receiving my certification I look forward helping women with this incredibly powerful and liberating medicine!

Herb course- Thank you!

Written by Gillian Robinson on 30th Oct 2018

Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing your techniques and formulas with us! Straight forward, educative and essential for starting out steaming. So good!

Herbal Formulas

Written by Brakell Ferguson on 29th Oct 2018

This course was insightful, it was better to understand. I was able to grasp the concept of what was being taught .I am so pleased that I can make my formulas with confidence. Thank you Keli !!

herbs course

Written by Monica on 27th Oct 2018

Great course! I really appreciated all of the formula recipes. Thank you, Keli!

Herb Formulas

Written by Jasmine Dickerson on 27th Oct 2018

This course was a lot better and easier to understand! I definitely recommend this course it will help you out a lot! Thank you for this information.

Reviewing Easy To Make Vaginal Steam Herbs

Written by Niveen Al-Remeithi on 27th Oct 2018

Keli provided straight to the point information that i can start using right away, she always points out and repeats the safety tips(that's what i love the most about Keli!) i believe this course will also make it easier for me to read the handbook of chinese herbal formulas book, i am so excited to practice what i have learned so far. what i learned in all the 3 courses will change the way my clients treat their vaginas, first, they will be more comfortable to talk about their vaginas! second, because most of us depend on doctors to tell us how we feel and what to do, with this knowledge, we take charge of the health of our vaginas. thank you Keli, you are an amazing teacher love, Niveen


Written by Renee on 26th Oct 2018

Excellent course thanks for breaking down how much herbs should be used in each blend ! 5 stars

Easy to make herbs course review

Written by Shelley McClure on 26th Oct 2018

This was a wonderful addition to the How to Make Vaginal Steam Blends Herb course. It is really helpful to have a visual, especially for the amounts of herbs in the formula. It was also just a good recap on information in the Facilitator and How to Make courses.

Amazing course

Written by Tyra Jackson on 26th Oct 2018

This is by far one of the best herbal courses that I have ever taken. Keli has done a wonderful job in making me feel comfortable and confident in working with herbs to make formulas for my clients. I thought I was going to feel like I would have unanswered questions, but by the end I didn't have any questions, because she covered it in her very informative lessons. This course gives you a great start in understanding how to use herbs. I would recommend this course to anyone that is trying to learn more about how to use herbs for vaginal steaming. Two words, Amazing, and Awesome!!!

Super insightful and neccessary

Written by Adèle Grobler on 25th Oct 2018

This course has given me so much more confidence to make my own herbal blends. I feel that this course is a must for every facilitator. I am forever grateful for Keli for sharing her knowledge and passion and igniting the flame in others to go back to nature for healing.

Herb Course Review

Written by C.J. Thomas on 24th Oct 2018

I absolutely loved this course, It really helped me to fully understand all of the components of creating a formula. It was like getting a magical key that made everything suddenly fall into place and it provided a beautiful outline that allowed me to explore many different herbs and play with them in formulas. I'm super grateful for this course. I even created a disinfecting formula using the guidelines in this course and cleared up my yeast infection! Super awesome! Thanks Keli!


Written by Devika on 23rd Oct 2018

I've learnt so much and this experience has been so invaluable! <3 I can't wait to finish my Facilitator certification as well!

100 Stars for this and ALL Steamy Chick courses!

Written by Kanika Nafre (Yoian Eleuthere) on 22nd Oct 2018

I never imagined there was so much to learn about vaginal steaming and preparing the right herbal blend for each client. I really like the one-on-one support from the course instructors AND the support from fellow students too. The course is loaded with content and you won't graduate until the instructor is satisfied that you know what you're doing. You're in good hands ; )

A MUST DO course!!

Written by Angela Stringhini on 9th Oct 2018

I am blown away by this course..I am fascinated by how Keli put all together to help us to choose the right formula. The course is complete, the energetic of the herbs according to TCM is a complex subject, but Keli makes it accessible and easy to understand, so no matter which herb you use, once you learn how to identify the energetics and the properties you are done, you have a balanced formula and know how to adapt according to the patients needs! Voila! I found it genius the herbal formula classification table she made and the assignments she created. They put your understanding into practice and it is fascinating to learn this way. Keli is an excellent teacher and she supports and guides all the way through. Even if you are going to buy her herbs in USA, I highly recommend this course as part of your Steam facilitator course or for personal herbal choice, because it will not only teach you how to make herbal formulas for steaming, , but it will also going to help you to better understand the signs and symptoms the clients present with how you can help them better!

Loved this course

Written by MacKenzie on 24th Sep 2018

Great class! There is a lot of hands on learning and feedback along the way! It was essential for learning the properties and qualities of herbs needed for steaming.

Herbal Course

Written by Margaret Webb on 15th Sep 2018

I am totally "nerding out" after this class. If you love the idea of mixing herbs, studying herbs, picking herbs in your area, making teas and steams, as well as selecting, balancing, and dosing information—this is the course for you!

Great Trainin

Written by Aressia Richardson on 6th Sep 2018

The training is detailed and I understand how to categorize herbs. Also, I know how to gauge the strength of herbs and how they help with certain issues. Keli and her admins are great and give answers help with questions.


Written by Mariana Campos on 25th Jun 2018

I took this course for my own healing journey and it has opened a whole new world of wisdom to me. To learn how to find the balance within a formula was a great teaching, it makes me feel comfortable and safe to share my formula with my friends and support them on their own healing processes.

Encouraged to learn and explore

Written by Anja on 13th Jun 2018

I really enjoyed this course. It re-ignited by interest in herbs, researching them and trying them out. Keli encourages you to make your own research, trial and test and makes you think! There is so much to learn. Keli offers great content and offer individual feedback on your assignments and questions. It has brought a new interest into how to work with herbs and healing (I'm an ayurvedic practitioner) and broadened my horizons. Looking forward to start implementing it more and more in my practise.


Written by Ananda De Martini on 11th Jun 2018

Great class on learning the properties and qualities of herbs needed for steaming. Keli guides you one on one to create herbal blends that are unique to your offering and expertise.

The joy of getting to know herbs!

Written by ThaooAishat Hasati on 24th May 2018

This course, along with all of the others I have taken from Keli, is amazing! I have wanted to expand my knowledge of plants and herbs for quite some time now, having benefited from there amazing abilities. The information provided goes beyond what I expected and my appreciation for the healing benefits has deepened. It’s truly broken down to a science and you are forced to really get to know each herb and plant that you plan to work with up close and personal. It’s so much fun too. Thank you so much Keli!!

Course is a necessity!

Written by Unique Hutchinson on 23rd Apr 2018

Before taking this course, I figured that maybe I could just use my herbalist training to create blends needed for vaginal steaming. I was sort of wrong, yes my training as an Herbalist was helpful in this course but I needed the lessons and information provided by Keli to make it all gel together. I am glad that I took it a step further by completing this course and am now confident with the blends I have created to support clients and provide accessible Western Herb Blends to other providers. Thank you again Keli!!!!

Loved the course!

Written by Marina Schroeder on 19th Apr 2018

Keli is such an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to all things vaginal steaming! She provides so much information in this course about how to make vaginal steam herb blends and it really expanded my skillset as a Women's Health Coach and Vaginal Steam Facilitator. Keli is very active in the online course and responds to questions/comments quickly. Keli's unique approach combined with her passion for this work, makes this experience like hanging out with a girlfriend while gaining some serious knowledge!