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In-Person Session with certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist (vaginal steam expert) Raquel Lemus.

What's Included?

Online Quiz (to assess what's going on with you and hear all your questions and concerns)

Vaginal Steam Therapy Plan

In-Person Vaginal Steam Session

Additional Service -- Your Choice Between Womb Yoga, Womb Massage or Womb Reiki 

What's Not Included?

Vaginal Steam Supplies

More Info

Although most of the side effects of vaginal steaming are positive (great sleep, beautiful skin, weight loss), there can also be some undesired side effects. Steaming using the wrong herbs, wrong length of time or wrong time of the cycle may sometimes result in short luteal phase menstrual cycles, increased hot flashes, nightsweats, bacteria/yeast/viral outbreaks or inter-period bleeding. If you have concerns about any of these things, a session with Raquel is a good way to go.

Raquel is a certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist who graduated with honors from the first round of practitioners taught by Keli Garza. As a certified midwife, spiritual womb healer and yoga instructor Raquel offers the best of vaginal steam therapy plans as well as additional healing tools. 

How Long Does It Take

Once you purchase the consultation you will be provided with the uterine health questionnaire and dates to schedule your visit. Thank you for your patience (24-48 hours) to receive correspondence replies. 


Los Angeles, CA

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