The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute is the non-profit arm of Steamy Chick focused on the professionalization of the practice of vaginal steaming through training practitioners and through conducting research. Below you will find our current course offerings. All courses are taught online and are pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace. 

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We are moving our courses over to a new e-course platform. All of our previous courses will be up soon.


We have 3 levels of certification.

1. Certificate of Completion

This goes on a course by course basis and is offered when we think it would be beneficial for participants to show that they are knowledgeable in a particular subject.

To receive a certificate of completion a person must take a course with this certificate offering and satisfactorily complete the course. 

2. Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification

The Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification is designed for a person who facilitates vaginal steam sessions for clients in a professional setting or offers mobile service steam sessions. Perfect for spas, acupuncture clinics, birth centers, massage studios, alternative health providers, and beauty salons. 

This level of certification shows that the facilitator knows how to screen for contraindications, sensitivities and excess heat in order to safely tailor a vaginal steam session and select the right Steamy Chick herb blend for each client's needs. 

To receive a Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certificate a person must satisfactorily pass the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Exam. The exam should be taken after the course Vaginal Steam Safety .

3. Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification

The Peristeam Hydrtotherapist Certification is designed for individuals who would like to become alternative women's health practitioners in a new field. A Peristeam Hydrotherapist uses vaginal steaming to help women have healthy standard cycles and formulate vaginal steam plans to address gynecological concerns primarily using the non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical method of vaginal steaming. 

To receive a Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certificate a person must satisfactorily pass the Peristeam Hydrotherapist Exam which will be available after a participant completes all of the coursework. It should be noted, however, that we aim to include 16 courses in the program and they are still under development. Courses will include detailed and comprehensive information about vaginal steam treatment plans as well as foundation classes on menstrual cycle analysis, female anatomy, gynecological disorders, period care and comparative women's health treatment methods.

Currently Available Coursework Requirements Include:

Vaginal Steam Safety

The Way of the Perfect Period: Essentials of Proper Period Care for Enhancing Vitality, Beauty & Longevity

Postpartum Peristeam Care: How to Use Vaginal Steaming for Full Recovery After Birth

The additional prerequisite courses will be available here as soon as possible. 

Do I need a Certificate to Facilitate Vaginal Steam Sessions for Others?

No. However, the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certificate is highly recommended.