Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification (with payment plan options)

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What's Included?

29 courses

23 exams

=52 units x $97 each


Enrollment Options

Option A - Select a payment option and add to cart. You can pay in full or make monthly payments. 

Option B - Go course by course starting with the lowest program course number and working your way up. (This is a great option for someone to go through the program $97 at a time rather than take on a larger financial obligation.) Click on the course link below to enroll. Complete one course at a time and go in order. 

Program Courses 

101 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification Course

102 Moon Medicine: Radical Self-Care Practices for the Perfect Period (Instructor - Kris Gonzalez)

103 Menstrual Cycle Analysis: How to Read the Period

104 Basics of Female Anatomy (Instructor - Raquel Lemus)

201 Uterine Fatigue

202 Vaginal Steaming to Clear Up Infections

203 Vaginal Steaming for a Uterine Cleanse

204 Long and Missing Periods

205 Cysts, Bumps and Fibroids

206 Menarche

207 Postpartum Peristeam Care: Using Vaginal Steam for Full Recovery After Birth

208 Miscarriage Recovery

209 Prolapse

210 Sexual Abuse

211 Pain During Sex

212 Fertility

213 Labor Prep

214 Menopause

215 Post-Menopause

301 Making the Treatment Plan

302 Evaluating the Treatment Plan

303 Understanding Gynecological Disorders in Both Eastern and Western Medicine

304 Comparative Gynecological Treatment Methods in Both Eastern and Western Medicine

305 Using Vaginal Steaming in Combination with Gynecological Treatments

401 How to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Blends

402 Cultural Anthropology of Vaginal Steaming

403 How to Sync the Cycle with the Moon

404 Understanding Steam

405 Peristeam Adversaries

What's Not Included?

The final Peristeam Hydrotherapy certification exam is not included.

When Will All the Courses Be Available?

They will all be up by the end of the year. 

After purchase you will receive a unique coupon code to use for a certain amount of courses depending on your payment choice.

Full tuition - All courses available immediately

2 Payments - Up to 15 courses available per monthly payment

3 Payments - Up to 10 courses available per monthly payment

4 Payments - Up to 7 courses available per monthly payment

7 Payments - Up to 4 courses available per monthly payment

12 Payments - Up to 2 courses available per monthly payment

What is the Benefit of Purchasing the Entire Program Upfront?

10% off -- More than $500 savings.

You have first access to all the courses.

If any additional courses are added to the program they will be included for free.

You're investing in the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and the development of the peristeam hydrotherapy program so that we are not dependent on grants and so that we can fund clinical studies. 


Keli Garza

Kris Gonzalez (Moon Medicine: Radical Self-Care Practices for the Perfect Period)

Raquel Lemus (Basics of Female Anatomy)

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