Vaginal Steam Sauna

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Steamy Chick's vaginal steam sauna brings the best of female self-care into your home.  

A relaxing spa treatment that feels like heaven, this is true women's medicine.
From the beginning of menstruation to post-partum care to menopause, the vaginal steam sauna helps to keep the reproductive organs healthy and pain free throwing out the notion that being a woman necessitates a certain amount of suffering. 
The vaginal steam sauna provides an all-natural alternative treatment for every concern that women usually seek a doctor earning it the nickname "a little gynecologist in a box." 
A universal practice used by women everywhere from Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Oceania, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, it is an ancient women's custom passed down through the generations.

 Here's your chance. Embrace your heritage. 

Vaginal Steam Benefits May Include:

  • Eliminating cramps
  • Clearing up bacteria or yeast infections
  • Draining painful cysts
  • Expelling fibroids
  • Resolving unexplained infertility
  • Postpartum Recovery (i.e. getting the body back to pre-pregnancy state, weight loss, lochia elimination, correcting prolapse/hemorrhoids, etc)
  • Miscarriage Recovery
  • Heavy Menstruation Reduction
  • Increase in Scanty Menstruation
  • Missing Period Return
  • Regularizing long or short cycles to 28-30 days
  • Improving Vaginal Prolapse and Tightens Canal
  • Moisturizing Vaginal Dryness
  • Alleviating Painful Sex
  • Libido Enhancement
  • Resolving PCOS
  • Treating Endometriosis
  • Odor elimination
  • Clearing up viruses and STDs
  • General Hygeine and Well-Being

What Does the Vaginal Steam Sauna Include?

  • Steam Sauna (wooden box)
  • Steaming Herbs (10 packets included)

The website does not currently allow you to remove any of the items from your order. If you do not want all of the items in this package, please email your order to customer service or call (323) 487-2445 and she will manually place your order. 

Please note that our saunas are hand-made from knobby pine wood for craftsman furniture pieces. Each piece of wood is hand cut and each design varies based on the design from the original tree. Some of the saunas have knobs and holes that we work into the design and others do not. We like the natural look and we take pride in each one of the pieces we make. The sauna will be made with love and will have uneven edges that reflect the hand-made process. The sauna will not look like it came from a retail store with uniform straight edges.

The herb pot varies based on availability. We can't always find the same pot and have to source them from different vendors. We try to update the product photos accordingly but sometimes it's not possible in a timely manner. Click here to see some of our herb pot variations

Is an Electric Burner Included in the Package?

No. Burners are not necessary for mild steam sessions which is what we recommend for beginners and for most home use. If you would like a burner to add to your sauna package please purchase one at your local store. 

Can I Pick Up My Order at the Steamy Chick Shop?

Yes! Pickup hours are from Monday-Thursday from 9:30-3:30. We do not accommodate pickups outside of that schedule as no one is at the shop.

Pickup location: 411 w 6th St, San Pedro, CA 90731

There are 2 ways to get your order for pickup.

#1 Place your order through the website and include a note that you'd like to pickup. We will then reimburse your shipping and let you know once your order is ready to go.

#2 Place your order with customer service Rayisha 323-487-2445. (Note: You will not have to pay for shipping and then get reimbursed with this option.)

How Do I Know Which Herbs I Need? 

When selecting your herbs as part of the steam sauna, there is a description next to each herb that says who it's the best choice for. That should make it clear. If you're still unsure, read the FAQs on the Custom Vaginal Steam Herb page. 

Can I get an unvarnished/unpainted sauna?

Yes. Please add that in the order notes at checkout that you would like an unvarnished sauna. Depending on where we are in the production it can take us up to two weeks to have an unvarnished sauna ready. 

Can I Ship to a PO Box?

No. All sauna shipments go through UPS which doesn't deliver to PO Boxes. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

How Long Will It Take for Me to Get My Steam Sauna Once I Order?

As long as the saunas are in stock orders ship within 24-48 hours on Mon thru Thur. Orders placed before 9am PST usually go out the same day. Orders placed after 9am go out the next day. Thursday orders after 9am PST are processed on Monday. 

Do You Ship Outside the United States?

Currently, we offer shipping to Canada for a flat rate of $80. For Canadian orders please note that the Canadian government will add an additional $100 in customs fees that are out of our control. UPS will not release your item to you without paying the charge. 

We have a Canadian practitioner who offers some vaginal steam supplies. Please also feel free to take a look at what she has available.

For orders elsewhere the shipping costs are really expensive. It's more than $100 to ship a bag of herbs and over $400 to ship a sauna. If that is in your price range please contact our customer service to get an actual quote and place your order.

We plan to open a European branch in early 2018 and will be able to provide our products to Europe. Please sign up for our email list and stay tuned for when we will open.

For European herbs please check out our practitioner Carina Lyall at 

Will the sauna come with instructions?

Yes. We have an online userguide with photo instructions of how to set up your sauna. If you have any further questions feel free to call our customer service for help at 323-487-2445.

When is the best time for me to steam? 

This varies. Please refer to the Vaginal Steam Therapy Tutorial -- a free resource made by Steamy Chick. If you still have questions or would like further guidance please feel free to do a consultation with Keli

What is the Weight Limit for the Sauna? 

It has been tested over 400 pounds without any issues. 

Will the Steam Sauna be Comfortable?

As long as you can comfortably sit on a toilet seat, the vaginal steam chair will be comfortable to sit on. If your legs fall asleep or you have discomfort sitting on a toilet seat, then you might experience the same discomfort with the steam sauna.

To make it more comfortable you can put a soft blanket down on the lid and can position it against a wall and put a pillow behind your back.

Is it safe to do Vaginal Steam While Pregnant?

No. Steaming should not be done during pregnancy because it may open the cervix and cause miscarriage. However, you should purchase one while pregnant and have it set up for use starting 4 days after giving birth. For more info on postpartum steaming check out our online course Postpartum Peristeam Care. 

Is it safe to steam with an IUD?

The copper IUD is safe. 

I have worked with several women that have steamed with IUDs and there have never been any reported side effects. It seems to be very useful to help reduce some of the complaints of IUD users (i.e. heavy bleeding, cramping, clots, brown blood).

It appears to be safe to steam with plastic IUDs as long as it is a mild steam for no longer than 10 min. Steaming longer might have effects on the plastic (i.e. releasing chemicals) or on the artificial hormone release.

Can I steam if I'm using oral birth control pills? 

Yes. It is perfectly safe and can be helpful to keep the period healthy (fresh red menses) while on the pill. It also helps to reduce clots, stringiness and cramps. 

Can More Than One Person Use the Same Steam Sauna?

 Yes. One is sufficient per household. It's recommended to wash the herb pot between uses and wipe down the sauna seat area. 

What is the Size of the Steam Chair?

15" length x 15" width x 15" height

Where Can I Store My Steam Chair When Not in Use?

 It can easily be stored in a closet, on a back porch, in the bathroom or in a corner. You can also turn it upside down and use it as a plant holder, extra seat or end table. You can use a throw pillow or cloth to cover the sauna while not in use. 

What Do I Do When I Run Out of Herbs?

You can order more herbs from the website store. Check out the Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs.

You can also gather your own herbs from a garden, farmers market or grocery store produce section.

You can also steam without herbs using only water and/or adding a teaspoon of salt.

If you are interested in making your own steam herbs check out our online course How to Make Vaginal Steam Herbs.

Do Herbal Teas Come with My Vaginal Steam Chair?

No. The vaginal steam package comes with 10 packets of steaming herbs for external use.

Can I Buy the Sauna Alone?

Yes. Unfortunately, the website is glitching and won't allow it, however you can order the sauna alone. Please contact customer service through the chat, phone or email to place your order. 

Can I Use the Herbs More than Once?

Yes. You can use the herb packet more than once. Directions  on how to do so are in the userguide. 

Want help ordering?

(323) 487-2445

Steamy Chick does not offer warranty for the items in the vaginal steam kit. If the items are defective or arrive damaged do not use them. Please let us know immediately within 7 days of receiving your shipment and we will replace them. Take photos of the defect and send them to Save all of your packaging. You will have to re-package it for pickup by UPS. We will not replace items that do not have the original packaging for transport.

I love steamy chick products!

Written by LaToya Crick on 25th Dec 2017

I'm so happy that I found steamy chick and bought my sauna and supplies. The best investment for my health and well-being I've made as of lately! I'm planning on taking a course or two when the time is right :)


Written by Sultana Nailor on 20th Dec 2017

I am absolutely in LOVE with Steamy Chick, my vaginal sauna, and my herb blends! From the moment I found this company searching the internet, I knew that I had been led to a special place and I truly have. Keli and her team truly care and take every measure to provide the highest quality goods and services. My steam sessions have been life changing. I am a mother of seven and have never felt so centered, relaxed, yet full of energy and productive. My mind is clear and my body is in tune. I am truly thankful! I am a Steamy Chick for life! ❤️

Steamy Chicks products

Written by Dr. Carol S. Kessler, PhD (OM), LAc, MS, LMT on 7th Dec 2017

I usually do not write reviews, but I have to say that each and every product that I have purchased from SteamyChicks has been in the highest quality and the herbs are packaged really well (that they are not messy, easy cleanup) the sauna is made extremely well that it is comfortable and easy access to put the pot of herbs in. Well done, great job. One more thing I have found that the courses have made it really easy to practice doing steams and the it is a great intro for those of us who have never heard of steaming before.

The Gift of Self Care

Written by Jetty! on 4th Dec 2017

I have been wanting to experience this practice at home - it's definitely transformative. The quality of the sauna is sound, the herbs are amazing and obviously crafted with care and a wellness intention. SMELLS AND FEELS AMAZING. Looking forward to including this as a a part of my self care ritual and sharing it with others. I would recommend making the investment in this kit.

5 stars isn't enough!

Written by Amanda on 8th Oct 2017

I started steaming over a month ago for a uterine fibroid and horrible cramps. So far my cramps are down by 50%, my period went from 7 days to 5 and the fibroid isn't causing constant pain like it was before. I'm shocked its working so well and wish I had known about this sooner!

Hole size

Written by my on 28th Sep 2017

The wooden seat is gorgeous and I have a special nook to place it in. I'm a smaller person and the hole is a bit too big for me, my whole bum gets all the heat, it would be nice to have an optional smaller hole version. The benefits for my cycle health outweighs this though.


Written by Nikki McAlli on 23rd Aug 2017

Love my steam sauna and herbs. So happy I started steaming! And got my order super fast!

Female Viagra !

Written by G. on 9th Aug 2017

I didn't believe this would do anything. It sounds so crazy. But in addition to lightening the flow of my periods and reducing cramping steaming has the very pleasant side effect of revving up sexual response to heretofore unseen heights. Seriously. Easy, frequent and super intense orgasms are reason alone to steam. I don't see anyone else posting about this but that alone is a HUGE draw, for me anyway. Its amazing. I've told all my girlfriends about it and they agree.

Yoni Steaming

Written by CK on 24th May 2017

Simply amazing. After much research, I cancelled an experimental fibroid surgery and opted to try steaming to improve my quality of life. Best decision ever. Periods have improved significantly - it's practically night and day with how I feel. I'm now active during my cycle vs. held hostage for 7 days. Beside that benefit, it's an amazingly feminine experience. Fresh, clean and rejuvenating feeling. Highly recommended. Wish I had learned about this when I was 16! Every female should learn about this and own a personal unit. Steamy chick - I applaud you! Thank you!

best thing ever!

Written by monse verjel on 11th May 2017

it makes me sad that wombmen have been in the dark for so long about such a beautiful, empowering and healing practice. this box is magical beyond words. i promise if you sit on it once you will fall in love with your self and the idea of taking care of your self. we deserve it :) i steamed before i got the sauna but i must say i really like that with the sauna you can adjust the temperature easier and its gets and stay much warmer much longer than squatting over a bowl. and very comfortable i must add. thanks keli!


Written by Tonie G. on 14th Dec 2016

This little box is a permanent fixture in my life! Not only has this little box changed my vaginal health, it's also changed everything about my overall health. After having a second Myomectomy surgery for fibroids, I suffered from a rare condition called Ashermans Syndrome, which took over two years to diagnose. I suffered silently through extreme spasms and pain in my legs, lower abdomen, and severe swelling in my legs, of which my doctors couldn't explain. I was so ashamed of my legs that I stopped wearing skirts and just kept taking pain medication to numb the pain in my legs. So after years of suffering I finally decided to see an infertility specialist whom diagnosed the Ashermans and of course my doctor suggested a series surgeries to correct the scarring. After the first Ashermans surgery, which also told the doctor how much scar tissue I actually had, my doctor explained that I would need 3 more procedures to correct the problem, and that she still wasn't sure that I could carry a child. I was completely devastated and finally shared my problem with a friend who shared the steamychick site with me. Long story short, I bought the steamer the next day, steamed once I got the device, and when my doctor went back in there was no more scar tissue. I actually saw the scar tissue when it was coming out during my period and just thought I wasn't seeing correctly! My legs are back to normal, no more pain or cramping and I am IN LOVE with my Steamychick Steamer! This device has literally changed my life! Thank you Jenai and SteamyChick!

Magic In A Steamy Box

Written by Jenai Benson on 4th Dec 2016

I LOVE My Vaginal Steamer. I wish I would have known about this sooner, but the cool part is, ALL My friends get to know and MY daughters never have to worry about not having a heavy vagina, because we have the secret right here. You will love it, your vagina walls will tighten, causing amazing sex like your young years. You'll have lubrication, it will smell amazing AND TASTE great which your spouse will enjoy! It can't get better than that! So get yours now and have a cramp free life.