Vaginal Steaming for Fertility: Using the menstrual cycle to identify conception barriers and correcting them through vaginal steam

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Vaginal Steaming for Fertility is a course for practitioners who work with fertility clients or women who are looking to optimize their fertility using vaginal steaming. 

Vaginal steaming for fertility is a time-proven technique for enhancing fertility that focuses on the health of the uterus and menstrual cycle. 

This course will teach how to determine the cause for infertility and how to make a steam plan to resolve it. 

Participants Usually Include





vaginal steam facilitators

women seeking to enhance fertility

Topics Include:

-The 3 causes of unexplained infertility

-What a fertile period looks like

-How to use steaming to optimize uterine health and get a fertile period

-Vaginal steam conception plans

-Fertility assistance

-How to use vaginal steaming to help with IVF and IUI

Course materials:

1 video lecture

1 study guide

1 quiz

1 practice assignment

 The online portion of the course takes about 5 hours to complete and is go-at-your-own-pace.

Note: The practice assignment requires working with a fertility client. This can be a friend, client you already work with or yourself. 


For certification, participants must pass the Peristeam Fertility Certification Exam (sold separately) as well as the other prerequisites. See the certification page for more info. 


Keli Garza



Written by Mary Harris on 14th Feb 2018

Loved this course. Easy to understand and put into practice.