Yosemite Cedar Circle Sauna

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As long as the saunas are in stock, orders ship within 24-48 hours Mon - Thur. Thursday orders after 9am PST are processed on Monday.
9.00 LBS
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Our Yosemite Cedar saunas are made using sustainably sourced incense cedar lumber. Incense Cedar trees are native to the regions of Northern California, Southern Oregon, and parts of Nevada. This special soft wood is known for her aromatic properties, which are released through heat and water, creating a naturally cleansing aroma when steaming.

In addition to her aromatic properties, Incense Cedar heart and sap wood is non-resinous, light in weight, and offers beautiful tones of cream, tan, and reddish brown. These colors are brought out through the use of a natural, non-tinted water based varnish to protect the wood from decay over time.

Our saunas value the natural look and are hand - crafted using the most natural building techniques possible to create sturdy, beautiful, furniture style saunas. Each piece of wood is hand cut, surface planed, and hand sanded to a fine finish that is safe and comfortable for bare skin, and showcases the natural beauty of the wood’s grain.

While the designs of the saunas are uniform, each sauna will vary slightly based on the design from the original cedar tree. These saunas are made with love and integrity for a high quality product that lasts a lifetime, and each sauna is completely unique and one of a kind. Ultimately, mother nature designs and dictates the design of the sauna.

What type of material (wood) is the sauna made out of?
Incense Cedar wood

Is the sauna painted, varnished or finished with anything? 
Each sauna is hand planed and sanded to create smooth surfaces on all sides. To help protect the saunas from moisture, condensation, and temperature changes that may occur with steaming, each sauna is finished with a natural, non-toxic, water based varnish that highlights the grain of the wood. This varnish was chosen for its protective qualities to prevent environmental damage that comes with temperature and humidity changes so that these saunas can last many years. Unvarnished Saunas are available. Please add in the order notes that you would like an unvarnished sauna. Depending on where we are in the production it can take us up to two weeks to have an unvarnished sauna ready.

What is the Size of the Steam Chair?
15" length x 15" width x 13" height

What is the Size of the Hole on the Sauna?

What is the weight limit for the sauna? 
350 pounds

Where are the saunas located?
Yosemite National Park, Location Changing to Nevada City as of March 5

Is pickup an option for local customers in your area?
Yes, pick up can be arranged. Yes. Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays. Castle Cliffs Court Yosemite National Park. Make note at Checkout.

What mail courier do you plan to ship with?

What area do you ship to?

What area do you not ship to?
We do not ship to any areas not listed above including internationally.

Is the sauna new or used?
Each sauna is made from raw materials, new

When you get an order how many days does it take to ship?
As long as saunas are in stock, orders ship weekly on Mondays. Orders placed on Thursday will be processed on Monday.

Important - all sales are final. Hand made wooden items usually have characteristics like knots and different wood patterns. This is a one-of-a-kind hand made item. Please be sure that you will be happy with a hand-made item rather than a factory-made item with perfect edges. All sales are final and there is not any warranty on this sauna. If the sauna is defective or arrives damaged do not use it. Please let us know immediately within 7 days of receiving. Take photos of the defect and send them to rayisha@steamychick.com. If it is determined that your item is defective or was damaged during shipping the item will be replaced. Save all of your packaging. You will have to re-package it for pickup by UPS. We will not replace items that do not have the original packaging for transport.

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