Menstrual Cycle Analysis -- PH Course 104

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Menstrual Cycle Analysis is course 104 in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program.

It may be taken as a stand alone course if someone is a vaginal steam user or facilitator and wants more information about how to read their period.

If someone is in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program practitioner there is no need to purchase this course separately because it is included in semester one. 

Menstrual Cycle Analysis goes over the basics of how to read the menstrual cycle as an indicator for overall health as well as how to determine if there are any imbalances. This course is the foundation of peristeam hydrotherapy. 

Participants Usually Include:

Vaginal Steam Facilitators

Peristeam Hydrotherapist Program Students

Vaginal Steam Users

Topics Include:

-7 Menstrual Cycle Imbalances

-Menstrual Cycle Analysis

-What Determines a Standard Healthy Cycle

-Deviations from the Standard Healthy Cycle

-Standard Healthy Cycle Assessment Intake Form

Course materials:

22 Video Lectures

22 Study Guides

22 Practice Quizzes

3 Practice Assignments

1 Menstrual Cycle Analysis Intake Form


Please note an additional $97 is charged at the time of examination.


There are no courses that need to be taken prior to this course. This course is not cumulative. It does not require earlier courses in order to be able to understand the material. 

Please note that this course is part of the peristeam hydrotherapy program. It can be taken alone but it is assumed that the participants have basic knowledge from the 2 courses in the peristeam program that come prior to this course.

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Keli Garza

Founder of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Steamy Chick Owner

18 Reviews

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Claudia (Motherbaby Birth Services) on 24th Apr 2021

    Absolutely amazing course. SO MUCH INFO! Learning so much and lovinggggg it!! I feel so honoured to be able to help women in this way. Thank you so much Steamy Chick!

  • 4
    MCA 104

    Published by Roni Q Zilinski on 15th Feb 2021

    Keli and Aquila are both very thorough with the questions they ask and making sure you know why each blend is being used to help address imbalances. The work they put into the spreadsheet is fantastic as well as Aquilahs excel document. I can not wait to build on this work!

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Kailani Rodde on 6th Feb 2021

    The information provided in this course is fascinating and invaluable. So excited to continue on!

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Diana Damian on 30th Jan 2021

    This analysis really goes deep into your menstrual cycle and period. Do you know the difference? Breaking news: your menstrual cycle is not your period, it's 2 different things! There is so much confusion out there. This course makes it all clear and goes deep beyond, all the symptoms and causes related to your cycle. Truly it should be on every education program; thank you Keli for making this accessible.

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Karen Davis on 4th Jan 2021

    This course was very informative and I recommend it to everyone who has completed the VSF certification. Great information for your toolbox to definitely help clients!

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Teresa on 11th Dec 2020

    I've taking two courses at once and they are both fascinating! The information learned in these courses are super valuable! Once you become a VSF, I highly recommend that you keep going to become a Peristeam Hydrotherapist!!! Trust me!

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Marisa Shearer on 16th Sep 2020

    This course was absolutely fascinating! It brought the whole menstrual cycle to life and made each and every symptom have so much relevance and meaning. It made me realise how much I've ignored about my period and how important it is to record all the details as clues to helping me heal my ovarian cyst. I highly recommend it! Keli is awesome!

  • 5
    Listening to the Messages the Period Tells Us

    Published by Natasha on 15th Sep 2020

    This course teaches you how to check the period for imbalances and Keli has created an awesome system to help you identify how to treat all the various imbalances that can occur with the period. Now I realize the connection of the period to my body/and my client's bodies and how it's basically our bodies talking to us. Now I know how to listen!

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Andrea on 2nd Sep 2020

    Great course, great information, large quantity of knowledge!
    Really helpful to determine the imbalances of womens cycles.

  • 5
    Foundational Course

    Published by Stephanie C Cosby on 30th Aug 2020

    This is incredible how Keli put together a system by which we can hone in on imbalances to treat by reading groups of symptoms. She did all the leg work of connecting the dots and then teaches us how to. So grateful!! It did take me 5 months to get through this course because it was packed and grading took awhile, also some uploading glitches...but worth the wait.

  • 5
    Eye Opening!

    Published by Lindsay on 11th Aug 2020

    This course has really transformed my view about the menstrual cycle and has given me a different way of looking at the way imbalances manifest that goes beyond the traditional allopathic model.

  • 5
    Menstrual Cycle Analysis

    Published by Shanquila Sylve on 4th Jun 2020

    This course is so detailed, I feel complete confidence in being able to help my clients!