Basics of Female Anatomy


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Gain an empowering understanding of the female anatomy system. Learn about the intelligent design of tissues, glands, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels that make the female genitalia so fascinating and powerful! What you will learn from this course will help you understand the fundamentals of how the steam penetrates the genitalia to re-balance the system and return to optimal wellness. 

Topics Include

External Genitalia
Internal Genitalia
Ligaments of the Genitalia
Blood Vessels
Muscles Of The Pelvic Floor
Self Exploration


Raquel Lemus

The Steamy Chick Midwife


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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Lindsay on 22nd Aug 2019

    It was mindblowing to learn how many parts there are to the internal and external genitalia, and about all the hormones, muscles, and ligaments! I had no idea how much was involved to make this magical area of our bodies work. It's incredible!

  • 5
    Lots of great info

    Published by Melissa Hunter on 11th Jun 2019

    I thought I already knew a lot of this since I'm a birth worker, but this was full of great information that was very useful for me to understand (for myself and others). I liked all the visual aids in the videos and uploaded illustrations - so much better than just reading an anatomy textbook! I also liked how she kept relating the info to steaming.

  • 5
    Female Anatomy

    Published by Bärbel on 12th May 2019

    I already knew a lot About femal anatomy, but still learned a lot. Thank you for this Wonderful corse!

  • 5
    Anatomy Review

    Published by Erika Best on 11th Feb 2019

    This course is great! A great intro to pelvic anatomy for those who haven't taken an A/P class before and good refresher for those that have.

  • 5
    I learned so much!

    Published by Nicole on 5th Feb 2019

    I absolutely loved this course and I learned so many fascinating things about female anatomy that were completely new to me! Raquel does a great job of answering questions and combining the clinical study of anatomy with the personal and intimate understanding of our own bodies.

  • 5
    100% Recommend!

    Published by Kristina on 2nd Feb 2019

    I took this course as part of the peristeam hydrotherapy course, and to gain a deeper understanding beyond my more basic knowledge of female anatomy. I found Raquel's teaching style grounded and very much enjoyable to listen to/ interact with. All women should have this level of knowledge about our own bodies. I would definitely recommend this course, and would be keen to do more courses offered by Raquel in the future:)