Basics of Female Anatomy and Vaginal Steaming -- PH Course 105


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Basics of Female Anatomy and Vaginal Steaming is course 105 in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program.

It may be taken as a stand alone course if someone is a vaginal steam user or facilitator and wants more information about how steam is impacting the anatomy.

If someone is in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program there is no need to purchase this course separately because it is included in semester one. 

Basics of Female Anatomy and Vaginal Steaming goes over the intelligent design of the female anatomy system and how steam impacts it. This course looks at tissues, glands, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels of the female genitalia and how steam penetrates the genitalia to re-balance the system and return it to optimal wellness. 


Vaginal Steam Users

Vaginal Steam Facilitators

Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification Students

Topics Include

External Genitalia
Steaming and the External Genitalia
Vaginal Canal
The Lower Uterine Body and Cervix
Upper Uterine Body and Internal Structure
Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries
Steaming and the Internal Genitalia
Ligaments of the Genitalia
Steaming and Ligaments
Blood Vessels
Steaming and Blood Vessels
Steaming and Glands
Pelvic Diaphragm and Perineal Membrane
Urogenital Triangle
Deep Perineal Pouch and Anal Triangle
Steaming and the Pelvic Floor
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Course Duration

4 Hours


There are no courses that need to be taken prior to this course. This course is not cumulative. It does not require earlier courses in order to be able to understand the material. 

Please note that this course is part of the peristeam hydrotherapy program however, it may be taken as a stand alone course by vaginal steam users or facilitators that are interested in learning more about this topic. 

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Raquel Lemus

The Steamy Chick Midwife

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19 Reviews

  • 5
    The Basics You Never Knew

    Published by Stephanie C Cosby on 13th Sep 2020

    Seriously mind blowing how intricate and wonderful our internal and external female anatomy is. I have a whole new respect and understanding for how it all connects and functions, and am excited to make many, many connections as I keep digesting this information. I really loved the energy of the class and discussions with Raquel and fellow students in the comments sections.

  • 5
    Basics of Female Anatomy and Vaginal Steaming

    Published by Teresa on 29th Aug 2020

    This course was very informational and I've learned things that I feel we should have been taught in Health/Sex Ed when we were in school! I've learned so much more about our womb and just how powerful they are along with steaming! Thank you!

  • 5
    Course 105

    Published by Najma Jones on 13th Jul 2020

    This course was extremely beneficial. A must for those who are trying to expand their knowledge when it comes to steaming and helping women dig deeper into understanding the issues that they may have.

  • 5
    Basics of Female Anatomy

    Published by Shanquila Sylve on 12th Jun 2020

    WOW! This course was so in dept and full of information I have never known. I am now more intuned with my body thanks to this course!

  • 5
    Basic of female anatomy

    Published by Habibah on 12th Jun 2020

    Really enjoyed this module and learning the ins and outs of the female anatomy. The discussion with each lesson was great to read and added value! Would Def recommend to women who want to understand more about their bodies and how steaming impacts us

  • 5
    Making Anatomy Easy

    Published by Kiyanna on 14th Apr 2020

    This was such a fun course to go through and very easy to follow. I was more interested in this anatomy course than the one I took in college.

  • 5
    Thorough and interesting

    Published by Desiree Irvine on 14th Apr 2020

    Amazing, necessary information for everyone! Not only did I get an education on anatomy, but also function.

  • 4
    Basics of Female Anatomy

    Published by Chantal on 11th Apr 2020

    A very thorough examination of female anatomy as it relates to the practice of womb steaming. Incredibly insightful with a refreshingly, empowering perspective.

  • 5

    Published by Unknown on 15th Mar 2020

    Definitely one of the best anatomy classes I’ve ever taken. I usually struggle with online courses on this subject but everything was explained in digestible ways and the diagrams help clarify a lot.

  • 5
    Basics of Female Anatomy

    Published by Nadia Fakhoury on 7th Jan 2020

    Fascinating course! The anatomy often left out of classroom lessons

  • 5
    Great Course and Instructor!

    Published by Cynthia Rena on 22nd Nov 2019

    This course helped me understand female anatomy in a way a regular anatomy never could. I learned so much and feel so much more confident about the inner workings of my own body. This will definitely help me as I work with clients and in my life. Thank you, Raquel, for your gentle, warm spirit through guiding us through this material!

  • 5
    Basics of Female Anatomy for Vaginal Steam Practitioners

    Published by Monika Valová on 23rd Oct 2019

    This course is very useful for those, who want to understand
    what is going on in our body and how steaming impacts us. I had a lot of "AHA" moments and I really need them. :)