Vaginal Steaming for Labor Preparation -- PH Course 204

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Vaginal Steaming for Labor Prep is course 204 in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program.

It can be taken as a stand alone course. It does not require prior courses in the program to understand the content. 

If someone is in the peristeam hydrotherapist certification program this course is included with semester two. 

Vaginal Steaming for Labor Prep goes over the benefits and protocols of steaming before and during labor. 

Participants Usually Include

Vaginal Steam Facilitators

Peristeam Hydrotherapist Students


Expecting Parents


-Steaming for Labor Preparation

-Steaming During Labor

-Steaming for Delayed Labor

-Labor Readiness Requirements

Course materials:

12 Video Lectures

Study Guides

Practice Quizzes

1 Practice Assignment

Final Exam


Please note an additional $97 is charged at the time of examination.


Whereas there aren't any courses needed prior to this course in order to understand all of the content the following course is recommended.

Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification - 101


Keli Garza

Founder of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Steamy Chick Owner 


Guest Interview with Midwife Raquel Lemus


 Guest Interview with Monika Valova, Hospital Maternity Ward Vaginal Steam Trainer in Czech Republic



14 Reviews

  • 5
    Labor Prep

    Published by Naima Bond on 29th Oct 2020

    First I have to start with I am a doula. I was wondering what i would learn with this class. Well, I am floored! The information was very valuable and practical. I am so excited to start with a client!

  • 5
    Vaginal Steaming for Labout Preparation

    Published by Marisa Shearer on 21st Oct 2020

    A fantastic and informative course. I learnt things in this course that I know would have helped me with my two deliveries. It helped me make sense of the parts of my deliveries that had been challenging and understand things that would have made such a huge difference. I'm so excited to know this knowledge now so that I can pass it on to other women so that they can go on to have empowered births.

  • 4
    So much knowledge

    Published by Jocey R on 17th Oct 2020

    This was a great course! I loved the interviews with the other practitioners and getting their stories; so inspiring. I also love that this is another tool I can offer my clients once they are ready for birth. High recommend!

  • 5
    Steaming for Labor Prep

    Published by Ashley Kernstine on 3rd Oct 2020

    I AM OBSESSED with this entire program but the information for Labor Prep is awesome and to the point, very easy to understand but you also feel challenged in what you are learning. I also love how Keli has each semester laid out so you can go ahead when you feel like you can or want too and do the classes as you desire. I work with SO many Pregnant Mamas and Postpartum Recovery clients and these classes have boosted my confidence in facilitating even more!


  • 5

    Published by Kestrel Gates on 7th Sep 2020

    Steaming for labor preparation makes so much sense and Keli does an excellent job of taking a holistic approach that puts steaming within a larger framework. The interviews are full of information and are inspiring. Steaming during labor will become a common practice like having a birth tub. Let's make it happen!

  • 5

    Published by Healing Humxn on 31st Aug 2020

    This course helped me be able to guide a dear friend through steaming for labor prep so she wouldn't need to rely on medical induction. And it WORKED. I learned so much, thank you!

  • 5
    Labor Prep for myself

    Published by Mary Brown on 22nd Aug 2020

    This was an excellent course! I signed up to prepare for my own labor and do believe the steaming plan aided in a quick delivery for a first time mom, over age 40. Delivered exactly on due date

  • 5
    Super useful

    Published by Melissa Hunter on 20th Aug 2020

    Lots of really great info here on how to support labor readiness and reduce birth injuries.

  • 5
    Prepare the body for labor

    Published by Shannon on 23rd Jun 2020

    I took this course at the end of pregnancy and was able to find first hand the benefits of steaming for labor preparation. I had a posterior positioned baby "sunny side up" but was able to birth him naturally without any tearing (9.9lb baby). I believe that's my testimony to the power of 3 weeks steaming before labor. It helped the vaginal tissues do their job and bounce back. I'm really hoping to share this with so many women.

  • 5
    Empowered Birthing!

    Published by Devin on 21st May 2020

    Letting women reclaim the experience of birth by taking back control over their bodies and birth. This knowledge is invaluable!

  • 5
    Steaming for Labor Prep

    Published by Femke Lemberg on 3rd Feb 2020

    This course contains revolutionary information.
    Giving women back the tools to progress into labor with natural and effective methods.
    To think that so many women can be supported in these ways before and during birth is next level empowerment for all involved.
    From my perspective i can see this resulting in the
    prevention of unnecessary medical interference, giving women and their baby's back their birth right & therefore reducing the chances of birth trauma.

  • 5
    I was my own Practice Client, it was fantabulous!

    Published by Kanika on 17th Sep 2019

    I got to be my own Practice Client for this course because I happened to be pregnant and near due when I took this course. I learned so much on how steaming can change the conversation in labor rooms. Where I'm from the nurses use an enema made out of soap and warm water as a "natural" way to induce labor. I want to invite them to try vaginal Steaming instead. It's so much more relaxing, comfortable, and uplifting. I was this close to getting a C-section. But the steam opened up my cervix to 8cm in very little time.

    This needs more exposure in hospital labor rooms and maternity wards.

    Thank you Keli Garza for this great work you put together for us!