Colon Hydrotherapist has Overwhelming Response After Adding a Vaginal Steam Spa to Her Clinic

Colon Hydrotherapist has Overwhelming Response After Adding a Vaginal Steam Spa to Her Clinic

Published by Keli Garza on 12th May 2018

Certified Natural Health Care Professional, Crystal N. Courtney, specializes in Colon and Hydrosteam Therapy. In the following interview I delve in with Crystal to find out more.

Me: Where did you go to school?


  • Grambling State University
  • Chicago State University
  • Governors State University
  • Wood Hygienic Institute
  • Trinity School of Natural Health
  • Peri Steam Institute

Me: How long have you been practicing?

Crystal: I have been practicing in the natural health industry since June of 1998. It will be 20 years in the field as a Colon Hydrotherapist on June 19th, 2018.

Me: How did you learn about vaginal steaming?

Crystal: A good girlfriend who lives in LA and I went to a Korean Spa about five years ago. They offered vaginal steaming as one of their services and we were both open and willing to give it a try. The treatment was a bit hot and we had to fan down there to cool it off at times. However, the results were amazing and my vagina came alive! I don’t know what it was doing up until that point. I felt sensations that were completely new to me. My vagina was more naturally lubricated than it had been in the past, my sex drive went through the roof. It also tightened and toned things up quite a bit. It was simply an incredible experience.

Me: Do you use vaginal steaming yourself?

Crystal: I steam my vagina every chance I get. My mother thinks that’s all I do. She will come over to my house and ask “where is Crystal is she steaming her vagina? “

Me: What has your personal experience with steaming been?

Crystal: Recently, I was having hot flashes as my body is now preparing itself for menopause. I started steaming with herbs designed to cool the body down. Just after steaming for only three months the hot flashes have stopped completely.

Me: Why did you decide to offer this service to women? Was there an “aha” moment?


  • I had horrible cramping before and during my cycle every month as a teenager. I would hate when my cycle came because of all the pain that I experienced. My daughter was having the same problem so I needed to find a way to ease her pain and address other issues that women close to me were having. I just felt that there had to be a solution that didn’t require the use of heavy pain medication.
  • After researching and finding out that not only was steaming great for my own issues but it also addressed some very serious medical health concerns I was seeing in other women and colonic clients were experiencing. I wanted to be able to help them overcome these medical health issues without having to go under the knife.

Me: How long have you been offering vaginal steam services?

Crystal: We had our grand opening the beginning of 2018, and the response has been overwhelming.

Me: Where do you offer your services?

Crystal: We are currently looking for a larger location, as we have quickly outgrown our private location on the South Side of Chicago 101st in Cottage Grove.

Me: What benefits do vaginal steam services have for your clients?

Crystal: The benefits are numerous. Clients with missing or no cycle have had their cycle start back; women have begun to have cycles that start on fresh red blood and end on fresh red blood; they’re reporting that their husbands are pleased with the way they feel during sex and can tell the difference that steaming has made.

I’ve also had several clients report that their periods have returned after months of inactivity.

Me: How do clients respond when you offer them vaginal steam services?


  • Vaginal steaming is a new concept and most people. They want to hear more about it and they are interested in learning more. They’ve responded with fascination and want to know more. When they take a moment to think about it, the concept resonates with their spirit.
  • With some woman it sparks a memory. They remember their grandmothers and in some cases their mothers talking about vaginal steaming in the country where they originated. They’ve recalled that the practice of vaginal steaming was just a part of the culture; it was something women would do to take care of themselves.

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