Doula Guest Blog: Why I Want to Be a ​Peristeam Hydrotherapist

Doula Guest Blog: Why I Want to Be a ​Peristeam Hydrotherapist

Published by Naima Bond ME.d on 1st May 2018

Mommy I want to be a Peristeam Hydrotherapy Practitioner when I grow up. 

A what?!?! 

Most people have not heard about or know what a Peristeam Hydrotherapy practitioner is. I am on my personal journey to becoming this type of therapist. I am currently a researcher with the Marcus Autism Center researching parent-mediated interventions for toddlers that show social communication delays. 

Why would I decide at the height of my career at the Marcus Autism Center working on infant toddler research, in her 40’s decide on this type of career change? 

I have always wanted my own private practice. The work I do has to have a supporting education component. For the last two years I have been a birth junkie. I do not even remember how I was introduced to what a doula is but once I landed on this I was immediately all things birth. As I learned more, I figured out I need a focus for my business. I landed on becoming a full spectrum doula. So I had many resources on pregnancy and postpartum but not as much information on how to assist couple’s in becoming pregnant. One in every ten couples suffers from “unexplained" infertility. As I was searching for trainings and information I was introduced to vaginal steaming. (Huh, WHAT IS THAT?!)

I learned that this is a practice that many different women traditions in Korea, South Africa and Turkey just to name a few places practice. They all make their own blends, but they boil them up and sit over them and let the steam do what it needs to do. So what do women in South Africa and Korea have in common? They are all women. Women everywhere do it. Then with further reading I learned that vaginal steaming could support women trying to conceive. I found a blog that a 43-year-old woman became pregnant after vaginal steaming. 

For someone who is committed to having a wellness component to her business, this is the best route for me. I want to support women in learning how to do self-care for them. I purchased my own steam chair and I was amazed at how steaming has made a difference in my life. How relaxing it has been and has added to my self-care regiment. I want to introduce other women to what they can do, to help them establish their own practice. I feel this certification will give me the knowledge and confidence to do this important work and support myself with a lucrative career. I feel like a pioneer in women’s wellness. Women do not make time for themselves. They are usually the last on their list. If they are steaming, they have to slow down and you are forced to sit for 10-20 minutes. Until I started doing this work I did not realize how disconnected I was to my own body. 

Let’s all start getting reacquainted with us through steaming.

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