Is Vaginal Steaming Beneficial? Let's Look at the Numbers

Is Vaginal Steaming Beneficial? Let's Look at the Numbers

Published by Keli Garza on 16th Jan 2020

Last year over one hundred women shared their steam stories in the Pelvic Steam Testimonial Database -- a questionnaire documenting why users steam and what differences they have noticed since steaming. For anyone whose wondering how and why vaginal steaming continues to grow in popularity the numbers from the database might have an interesting piece to that story. 

First participants were asked to share what health concern they had that led them to try vaginal steaming. Below is a sample of some of the responses:

"I had painful, disruptive periods that came every 21 days and lasted for 8-10 days. It seemed like I spent half the month in debilitating pain or recovering from being in debilitating pain."

"I wanted to fix my menstrual cycle imbalances, and to improve my fertility"

"I had ovarian cysts and was in a lot of pain. I wanted to prepare my body for pregnancy and boost my libido."

"My period was missing and I was suffering with persistent and reoccurring infections. When I did have my period I had debilitating cramps."

"I was interested in this practice to support my relationship with my womb and yoni."

"I had problems becoming pregnant since I had an infection in my ovarian tube, a cyst that had been filled with blod had to be removed on the gyn emergency, resulting in a scartissue tube and also found out that I only hade one tube that worked from the start. I was very depressed, I started IVF together with my husband, but I was not sure whether i wanted that or not. I was then introduced to steaming and within 2 month i was pregnant. After tried for almost 2 years."

"I have been having long cycles (34+ days) and severe cramping during my period, which is why I was tried vaginal steaming."

"Fibroid tumors and heavy periods"

"I experienced 15 years of ovulation pains that started since have on the pill for 10 years from early adolescence & after I had my two daughters. I had my boy at 36 & the pains got worse, I felt genuine concerns about that then and started to inquire about natural womb/uterine health, which led me to try out v-steaming, I found out about through a friend."

Next, participants were asked to rate how bothersome their health concern was with 0 being no pain or bother and 10 being very disruptive or painful.

Out of the total number of participants included in data -- 103 -- participants gave their health concern an average rating of 7.89.

Finally participants were asked about their steam practice -- how long have they been steaming, how often do they steam and so on and then asked to rate their health concern since steaming. 

Participants pain rating went down significantly with an average rating of 1.71 -- here are some samples of what participants had to say about the difference:

"My periods went from 8-10 days to 4-5 days. My menses is brighter red, has remarkably fewer clots and my flow is probably half what it was. I still have cramps sometimes but they are only in my pelvis; they used to extend from my ribs to the soles of my feet. I no longer require constant pain medication. I no longer have nausea and vomiting during my period. I now can stand up straight and walk during my period. I now have an appetite during my period. I now can think clearly and make decisions during my period. I no longer get acne on my face before and during my period. My bouts of bv and yeast infections are shorter, less intense and fewer in number. I no longer get migraines the day before my period. I no longer have night sweats."

"I was able to resolve all my menstrual cycle imbalances (I had all 7 - uterine fatigue, stagnation, excess dampness, dryness, blood deficiency, excess heat, weak digestion). Then I conceived right after."

"I have been doing postpartum steaming and my very bad hemorrhoids completely disappeared after 2 weeks of 10 min mild steams. I also managed to completely fix a malodorous lochia accompanied by a burning sensation in a few days of steaming. My lochia also reduced to very light discharge. Also light brown in color at 3+ weeks postpartum. My stomach and waistline is reducing rapidly as well and the skin is tightening along with it. My breasts flow with milk when I do a steam with the cooling blend. On days when I don't steam, I have less milk"

"I have had no ovarian cyst pain or swelling since my first month of steaming. Breast tenderness, cramps, and clots have all decreased. I'm still working toward greater fertility and libido."

"Since I started pelvic steaming, I now have a regular and healthy menstrual cycle, I had the slightest bit of incontinence when doing certain activities and that has gone away, my hormones have balanced, I sleep better and have better energy during the day, my mood has improved, I feel more connected to my body, and increased libido."

"My cycle is now a more regular length of 28-30 days on average. As opposed to anywhere from 26-38 days long with a bleeding time of approximately 20 days. I now bleed for about 4-5 days."

"I'm so aware of everything that is me. I hold nothing back. By understanding how my cycle works, my hormones and to have a healthy vagina, two children it just makes my life so so rich. I have also felt the improvement of my overall health in my whole body. My herpes infections are hardly not even coming out in bloom. I have blood that just comes out, red and clean, no lumps., no pain."

"My cycle shortened to 31 days, I now have 1 day of little to no pain. No more severe cramping, no more diarrhea, no more nausea."

"First steaming month, steamed 10xs. Period was completely different. Thinner and less blood."

"Ovulation pains decreases significantly and some cycles pain was absent."

"During my recent peri menopausal & menopausal periods vaginal steaming has helped me immensely, tuning into and connecting with my body in an intimate way, circulation improves, feeling clearer, more focused, less anxiety, reduction of hot flushes, helped to increase libido and combat vaginal dryness. Less PMS symptoms & cramps."

"Before I use to have horrible cramps before and after my cycle now I sometimes forget I am about to see my cycle because I no longer have any pain due to my cycle. Over all I feel better from steaming regularly."

"A doula friend offered me a herbal vaginal steam, and my life turned a corner. After just one steam session, the vaginal dryness was replaced with moisture. After 3 weekly sessions, I felt sensations that had long vanished from my pelvis and my skin texture improved. I’ve been steaming ever since on a weekly basis and immediately after intercourse (which is no longer painful). I feel rejuvenated and healthy again. Vaginal steaming gave me what nothing else was able to."

Some other groupings:

70% of all participants ranked “how bothersome was this concern” (before) between 8-10.

(same info in numbers) - 72 participants ranked pre-steaming concerns between 8-10.

88% of all participants ranked “concern rating since steaming” (after) between 0-3.

(same info in numbers) 91 participants ranked concern rating post steaming a 3 or less.

Only 4 participants out of 103 ranked concern rating post steaming 5 or higher. All of them still indicated that steaming “exceeded expectations.”

No one ranked their concern after steaming higher than 6.

Of those starting with a concern of 10 (38 participants):

2 went from 10 to 0

20 went from 10 to 1 **

3 went from 10 to 2

7 went from 10 to 3

4 went from 10 to 4

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