Nurse Facilitates Vaginal Steams in Her Free Time to Help Women Avoid Unnecessary Procedures

Nurse Facilitates Vaginal Steams in Her Free Time to Help Women Avoid Unnecessary Procedures

Published by Steamy Chick on 17th Apr 2019

Zaire Sabb's steams have given her clients mind-blowing orgasms and even aided in helping improve their sex lives! After suffering from a miscarriage and surviving cervical cancer, Sabb found healing in steaming and gained a perspective which ultimately aided in finding more balance - physically and emotionally. We interviewed Zaire to learn more. 

What is your profession?

I am a registered nurse, herbalist, student midwife, doula and Womb Wellness Specialist

Where did you go to school or get your professional training?

I got my Registered Nurse Degree from Dade Medical College in Miami; Herbology- Botanologos in Clayton, Georgia; Midwifery-Traditional Granny; Midwife- Dr. S. Ndaeyo Opio.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been in the medical field 15 years, a trained herbalist 2 years (self taught 20 years) and a birthworker 2 years.

How did you learn about vaginal steaming?

I “officially” learned about vaginal steaming when I was at an herbalist conference in 2017. I had seen it in a few movies but never knew the name of it or what the benefits were. After the conference in 2017, I was determined to not only heal my womb, but to find out more about this practice. In the spring of 2018 I attended an online fertility summit on v-steaming where Keli Garza was a speaker. I took Keli’s class during the summit and honestly, I knew I had found the answer I was looking for. I immediately signed up for Keli’s classes and have been incorporating vaginal steaming into my everyday practice ever since.

Do you use vaginal steaming yourself?

But of course!

What has your personal experience with steaming been?

When I first started steaming I had been in a bad place womb-wise. I had a miscarriage, survived cervical cancer, my menses were 5-7 days long with brown, thick blood. I was a hot mess. Steaming helped a lot of it but it wasn’t until I got some perspective that I was able to correctly formulate a blend as well as correlate the menstruation cycle with other imbalances that affect us wombmen. I started steaming correctly and it has been a complete game changer. I have been able to clear my womb of fibroids, scar tissue, and mucus. I have even been able to balance out my hormones as well as heal from some unresolved traumas that I had been holding on to.

Why did you decide to offer this service to women? Was there an “aha” moment?

As a birthworker and a registered nurse, I am blessed to meet families/women that have had to endure very unnecessary procedures that have led them to have complications in fertility as well as their relationships with their spouse and themselves. Somewhere along the way we lost/gave our power away. No more of that! It is time to go back within and heal ourselves the way we did hundreds of years ago. It is time we reclaim our womb and our crown. In birthwork, the hardest thing to do is to get a mommy to understand and trust her intuition. I love to help my sisters empower themselves.

How long have you been offering vaginal steam services?

A little over a year

Where do you offer your services?

Currently, in my client’s home.

What benefits do vaginal steam services have for your clients?

I specifically use steaming for my postpartum clients and for clients that have “incurable” gynecological issues. My postpartum ladies always say that they feel “cleaner” after steaming and that it helps them relax so that they can get rest while the baby is sleeping. My ladies who use steaming to balance out their gynecological issues respond with  “where has this been all my life” or “I wish I knew about this before I had surgery.”

How do clients respond when you offer them vaginal steam services? Any funny stories?

There are a lot of questions and a lot of crazy looks once we get into the side effects and things to watch out for while steaming. To-date the funniest statement has been from a young lady who was steaming. She had a full blown orgasm during the steam and she was so exhilarated that she wanted to know if she should schedule lunch breaks to come home so she could steam.

Any favorite quotes from clients either during or after steaming? 

I was working with a young lady who was menopausal going into post-menopause and was suffering from extreme vaginal dryness. I met her during a time when she had to use generous amounts of coconut oil to stay lubricated. She did four steams with me, then called me and said “Zi! Girl, I don’t know what you did or what you got me doing but I have never felt so vibrant! I haven’t been this gushy or wet since my teenage years!” Needless to say I received a follow up text from her husband thanking me for helping their sex life.

Do any vaginal steam success stories stand out where the client had a significant health breakthrough?

I am working with a young lady in North Carolina who had severe cramping, bleeding and had a huge fibroid that, from the outside, felt hard and made her look as if she was pregnant. Her cramping was so bad that she was going to her OB/GYN every month for cortisol injections to help manage the pain. She steamed for one month and I got a text and voicemail from her screaming and crying saying that her menses “snuck up “ on her. She had zero pain and best of all, her belly was jiggly where before it had been very hard. She is still steaming to continue to shrink her fibroid and per her last OB/GYN visit it has shrunk from 10cm to 4cm.

For more information: 

Zaire Sabb, Registered Nurse, Herbalist, Student Midwife, Doula and Womb Wellness Specialist

Atlanta, Georgia 

Instagram: @MysticMomma01

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