Testimonial: How Vaginal Steaming Activates my Inner Goddess

Testimonial: How Vaginal Steaming Activates my Inner Goddess

Published by Sama Morningstar on 29th Oct 2018

The Triple Goddess and my Menstrual Cycle

Early on in my exploration of feminine blood mysteries, I felt how the Triple Goddess archetype, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, cycles through us in our menstruation. It became clear to me as I observed and tracked my menstrual mood swings which aspects of the Triple Goddess are calling to me for attention and nourishment. For years I have noticed a pattern that has been quite draining on my energies and with the help of vaginal steaming, I feel it shifting.

This is the pattern:

The Maiden represents spring, new life, inspiration, the beginning of creation, the spark of creativity. During this phase of my menstrual cycle, the start of my cycle, right after my period, I would feel the most energetic and happy. I would get new inspirations all the time, start many new projects, and revel in the fun of life. 

The shadow side of this aspect is resentment of any restrictions on my expansive freedom, resistance to any sustained structures, and an inability to nurture any new projects to fruition because as soon as anything got difficult, I would launch into a new, more inspiring, shiny thing.

My Shadow Maiden would resent the natural inclinations of the Mother energies, sabotaging and protesting vehemently her strengths of sustained nurturing work, being in service, and building things over the long haul. The Shadow Maiden, fortified by my experience of an overly self-sacrificing mother, believed that her way of staying free of the overly taxing norms of motherhood in our culture were preferable. 

In a sense she is right. My undernourished inner Mother was happy to let the Maiden take the lead in most things as the lightness, playfulness, and warrioress energies that kept potentially harmful people and circumstances at bay felt much better than the only model of motherhood that I had seen. 

My Shadow Mother was full of grief, drained of vital energy, overworked, and tired. This translated into the energy of each ovulation being expended in my Shadow Maiden’s disparate projects without truly nourishing anything into fruition. Many books started but not finished. Many relationships never lasting past initial infatuation, many career paths begun but never developed into mastery.

This dynamic between my Inner Maiden and Inner Mother led to a feeling of depletion, grouchiness, and fearful worrying for my inner Crone which corresponded with the premenstrual and menstrual phase of my cycle. I would often collapse in despair that my efforts in all the different directions were not giving me the results I longed for professionally and personally. I worried that I had not truly liberated myself from the unhealthy lifestyle patterns I learned from my mother despite devoting my whole life to healing. My acupuncturist kept me well supplied for years with an herbal formula called Free and Easy Wanderer to help me with this monthly time of doom and gloom.

It wasn’t until I started to do regular vaginal steaming with herbs specifically chosen to nourish the gifts of these Three Inner Goddesses that this cycle of hyper creativity and burnt out despair began to even out. As I steamed more regularly, I could feel the contracted places in my body that felt like a stitch in my womb, begin to soften and receive the nourishing steam, letting go of this tightly held pattern. And as I combined the steaming with Shamanic meditations and sound healing practices I felt this softening and opening spreading into my emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies as well. I have also begun to see these healthy changes in all aspects of my life as my inner reality is reflected in my relationships and circumstances.

To understand this healing process, it helps to know that I have been studying the Grail Mysteries which are ancient teachings from pre-patriarchal times. In these teachings, the feminine reproductive system, the Womb, is identified as the Holy Grail, the source of all life, an overflowing fount of vitality, creativity, and spiritual energy. Stories of the Holy Grail describe a Chalice that gives forth whatever the sincere seeker desires. In these mystery teachings, the Maiden is embodied in the Clitoris and Yoni lips, which is where everything starts, the first spark of excitement and inspiration. This is called the First Grail Gate. The Second Grail Gate is the G-Spot or Gratitude Spot and is where the Mother energies are embodied. It is where deeper pleasures and fruitfulness arise from the sustained nourishment of creative energies. The third Grail Gate is the Cervix which is where the Crone energies are embodied. This is where the ancient wisdom, ancestral support, and spiritual guidance can bring our creations into their fullness of purpose.

Because of my wounding around these gates, mostly from the modeling I received from my mother and the other women in my life, I was shut down to the full blossoming potential of these energy centers in my body. I felt a stitch low down in my pelvis that was the source of several ailments I have been working diligently to heal for several years, including a fibroid in the right side of my womb and recurring debilitating pain in my right sacro-iliac joint. I was exploring this through breath, movement, and meditation practices, but found a great increase in potency of these practices with steaming. Creating my own formulas for steaming with herbs I grew in my garden that had received the richness of my menstrual blood for many seasons, was just the medicine I needed. The plants and my Inner Triple Goddess told me exactly which herbs were needed for each Grail Gate to blossom.

I also received guidance to develop specific meditations and shamanic journeys to do while steaming, focusing on these Grail Gates and connecting with my Inner Triple Goddess. This deep nourishment from all directions has stopped my need for the Free and Easy Wanderer formula. My Maiden is less likely to spin into her shadow of scattered unfruitful creativity. She honors my Inner Mother and is able to receive healthy mothering from her. My Inner Mother feels nourished and cared for, and I am able to devote myself to sustained creativity that has resulted in publishing my first book and real progress in my online business. And my Inner Crone spends less time in fearful worries because she is busy nourishing my whole life with guidance and wisdom from the unseen realms.

I feel the contraction and energetic stagnation I have been working with in my womb and menstrual cycle is related to these energy patterns as well, so that as I address all layers of this stagnation, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic, my cycle becomes healthier. I have less cramping, less womb exhaustion, less clotting, etc. The stitch in my pelvis created a pocket where blood and mucus could stay stuck and as I steam and commune with my Inner Goddess, this stitch smooths out and allows my womb to flow more freely. As my creative energy flow is directly related to the easy flow of my cycles, steaming also helps my creativity and my life to flow more freely. As my Inner Triple Goddess energies harmonize and resonate well with each other, all aspects of my life benefit, and my menstrual cycle becomes harmonious and fruitful.

I am so grateful that I have found this combination of practices. It feels so ancient and wise. I would love to hear about your experience with the Inner Triple Goddess and combining meditation with Vaginal Steaming.

About the Author: 

Sama Morningstar is a Womb Awakening Mentor and Feminine Embodiment Specialist. Her whole life has been the preparation for this sacred calling to help women recognize, access, and activate the power of their wombs, awakening and celebrating their true femininity so they can live with abundant energy, vibrant health, material, emotional, and spiritual wealth, and nurture satisfying intimate relationships. 20 years ago she was in the pit of despair, longing for the satisfaction of sustained intimate relationship as well as professional alignment with her soul purpose. With determination to take responsibility for her life, do whatever it took inwardly and outwardly, to address her limitation, and her unwillingness to settle for anything less than fully living her dreams, she embarked on a quest to heal the core of her femininity, the womb. Now she is living and continuing to build on those dreams with her beloved husband with an unshakable commitment to her sacred vocation to share the essential wisdom she has learned so more women who feel they might never have a satisfying relationship and truly live their calling can finally create what they are longing for.

She recently interviewed Keli Garza for her online Womb Centered Healing Temple Opening Summit. They discussed the powerful intersections of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that occur with Vaginal Steaming. You can sign up to listen to this interview and a number of other Womb Centered Healing specialist interviews as well here:


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