Doctor Cancels Surgery After Woman Shrinks Gigantic Ovarian Cysts Using Vaginal Steam

Doctor Cancels Surgery After Woman Shrinks Gigantic Ovarian Cysts Using Vaginal Steam

Published by Keli Garza on 27th Aug 2017

Patty was praying for a miracle. During an internet search she discovered vaginal steaming--an ancient practice that involves sitting over a steaming pot of herbs. Vaginal steaming, though not well known in the western world, is a universal practice women from every part of the world have used dating back to early times. Most commonly used by midwives for postpartum care, vaginal steaming is also used to address gynecological problems. Patty was optimistic this might be the answer to her prayers. After saving up a couple paychecks she made the hour-long drive from Riverside to San Pedro to pick up a vaginal steam sauna kit from my house--at the time I was the only person making vaginal steam saunas in the United States. Patty had only a couple months until her scheduled surgery so she needed it to work fast. If she was successful this would save her from losing her ovaries.

A year prior, Patties doctor discovered fibroids were causing her to have heavy bleeding. To address the problem he performed a partial hysterectomy (this is where the uterine cavity is removed but the fallopian tubes and ovaries remain). Patty said that her doctor made the surgery seem like no big deal but, in fact, it had a major impact on her life causing her to miss more work than she expected. She felt like she still hadn’t recovered fully and, after a year, the scar tissue remained tender to the touch.

At Patties one year post-op checkup she was in for a huge shock. Her gynecologist discovered softball-sized cysts in each of her remaining ovaries and scheduled a second surgery to take out the rest of her reproductive organs. Patty knew that she didn’t want to go through that again and prayed to find another way to get rid of the cysts.

Hearing Patties predicament I suggested she steam daily for 45 minutes for the quickest possible treatment and the highest chance of success. Patty texted me after her first steam session. She said she already felt pain relief. She also noted that pain during sex and vaginal dryness had subsided. Furthermore, she said she slept very deeply afterwards. “This is going to be easy to do every night,” she commented. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Patty followed my treatment plan exactly. When she went in for her pre-operation check up the gynecologist couldn’t find any trace of ovarian cysts. He was in disbelief. He pulled her previous ultrasound from a couple months ago and looked back and forth in astonishment. Without any reason to operate, he cancelled the surgery.


Keli Garza has a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude. When Garza founded the company Steamy Chick--the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States--Garza began to work with her customers to research their results with vaginal steaming. Having recorded over seven hundred case studies, Garza holds the only known research database on vaginal steaming. Learning from her customer's experiences she developed unique vaginal steam treatment protocols for different conditions becoming a skillful practitioner able to treat a wide array of women's health concerns. Based on her practice Garza is now founding a new field of women's medicine called Peristeam Hydrotherapy--the use of vaginal steaming for menstrual and reproductive health. She has certified over one hundred practitioners worldwide through her Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and is conducting clinical studies which will help to establish vaginal steaming as an evidence-based medical science.

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