Steamed Up: How Vaginal Steaming Got Rid of BV and Synced My Period with the Moon

Steamed Up: How Vaginal Steaming Got Rid of BV and Synced My Period with the Moon

Published by Alexandra Stone on 1st Jun 2017

This story is two fold so bear with ya girl.

Part 1

I had BV a handful of times over the course of maybe 5 years. Then BV decided it wanted to live with me and had been trying to take over my entire existence for a good two and half years. This is no exaggeration. At one point, my gyn issued me six months worth of Diflucan and Metro gel. At one time. That’s how aggressive it was. BV. Gel. Yeast. Diflucan. Next month, BV, pills, diflucan. All I had to do was whisper “B” and before I could say “V”, boom. Full blown infection.

I don’t know what led me to the internets to search for things I could do to naturally heal my vagina. I maybe was just off a round of medicine and was trying to prepare for the next infection. All I knew was that I wasn’t going shoot up another antibiotic cream or pop another pill into my mouth or my vagina. I knew there had to be something out there that could fix this naturally. I literally did everything I thought possible to restore my vaginal “ph”. Changed my diet. Even went vegan. Ate a shit ton of green leafy veggies. Drank copious amounts of water. Washed with dye/fragrance free detergent. Washed my panties separate from everything else. The BV had even made it to where I couldn’t even tell if I had ovulated. You know the clear sticky discharge you get during that fertile time. Nope. Couldn't try to plan a baby if I even wanted to. Signs of life were gone. The shop was indefinitely closed and I was forced into involuntary celibacy (hindsight: a blessing in disguise but that’s another article). I was desperate.

Anyway, I ended up finding vaginal steaming. No clue how it happened. That night I probably sifted through 50 articles about steaming. I sniffed through etsy shops looking at herbs. Everything still lead me back to Kelli at Steamy Chick. We just gonna call it ordained by God with a sprinkle of fate because she changed my entire life.

Fast forward, I ordered the Tropical Chick herbs (now known as Disinfecting) to see what it do and my life has forever been changed. I knew that I wouldn’t get super immediate results because this BV had been uber aggressive. But listen, after that first steam, I knew almost immediately that I was being healed. I hopped off that pot feeling brand new. The musty smell was gone. The days after I experienced more discharge, but I asked Keli and she confirmed it was was just my yoni releasing the infection. I think I steamed 5 days in a row the first time and the BV went away. It’s not happily ever after just yet though. 

The BV wasn’t going out without a fight. So I had to get mean with it. The first hint of BV, and when i say hint i mean it, like one little twinge of an itch, i was steaming. I was not playing anymore games. Being that I have had BV so often and for so long, I know when it is about to show out. So when I got that first twinge, I didn’t wait to let it manifest fully. Knocked it all the way down. You can’t chill here today BV! I ended up steaming frequently during the first three months. I would always do it if i thought I BV was rearing ( probably more than necessary but this was life or death) and then I would do it on Sundays just to keep up a practice. The steaming brought back my ovulation symptoms after the second month of steaming. I am now nine months, BV FREE!! Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I am Free at last!

Part 2

I never had “bad” periods and I always had a normal 28 day cycle since I started having periods. However, sometime in 2016 my period started coming up short. Since I had success with the BV herbs, I got a consultation with Keli to try to get my period back to 28 days. I was running at 26/27 day cycle but when 25 days started becoming a thing I was like Oh,nah. I need my three extra days without period panties! I wasn’t about that life at all. 

Now these results were way different than the BV. The period came right on time after the first “treatment”. Five days of bleeding. Nothing heavy, bright blood. 

The next month it lined up with a Full moon which was a 27 day cycle. I thought this was an issue at first, but Keli reassured me that it was good that my period/body was aligning with the moon. A bit heavier than the first month but not running through tampons, heavy. 

Third month, period came like a thief in the night. Only reason I knew it was coming was because I counted the days. But I didn’t even feel periodish, you know when you just know it’s coming, kinda moody, kinda craving everything in the grocery store, kinda wanting to slap the shit outta kids, shit like that. Nope. Whole week I was skipping through life sprinkling glitter everywhere. Four days of blood and dassit. 

The one month I didn’t steam to extend the cycle, my period came early but I didn’t sweat it, I knew it was my fault for not steaming like my plan stated. Next couple months, 28 day cycles, smooth sailing. 

It has been truly magical to see my body adjust and align with nature. In April, little did I know, my cycle was holding out for that moon. Day 28 came but my period didn’t drop. However, I felt this. I felt like a period was coming. Kept running to the bathroom to check my panties. I just knew it was coming. Nope. I still wasn’t really monitoring moon cycles at this point so I didn’t put two and two together. I emailed Keli to ask her what could be up and she said a full moon was coming and my period would arrive soon. Day 29, nope. Day 30, nope. Day 31, nope. My cycle said I'm waiting for the moon. CHILL OUT! 

I ended up sitting in front of my window the first night of the full moon, the moon positioned directly in my living room window, blessing me with all it’s energy. I used this time to list and release the things that no longer served me and burned the list and some photos of some soul ties I needed to cut ( real talk, get into that if you really trying to set yourself free), and lit a candle and basked in that Moon energy. It was lit forreal. When I tell yall, that cycle came at 5 am the next day, I felt like a truly magical woman. 

To really experience being in tune with Earth like this is wild and I am loving every second of it. This steaming is a truly an act of God and these past few months have been nothing short of a dope mashup of god-energy-love-magic. It’s as if I have finally centered myself within myself. As of today, my period has lined up with the moon three times and I have only had to steam for one day during my cycle to keep it at 28 days. I was going to stop steaming to extend the cycle after a few months to see if my body would naturally adjust, but I find this time is a great way to center myself and reset. Ease into the rest of the month with a nice flow. Literally and figuratively. 

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