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Steamy Chick vaginal steam herb blends are all designed to help a woman achieve a perfect standard healthy cycle without any side effects. All of the herbs are mixed as a formula and each one has properties that will help to clean the uterus, improve vaginal flora, increase circulation and regularize the cycle. Each blend also has specific herbs based on the type of cycle imbalance or side effects a woman might be experiencing.

Find out more about each blend.



10 Sessions - 5 ounces (.25 pound)

20 Sessions - 8 ounces (.5 pound)

35 Sessions - 12 ounces (.75 pound)

The Steamy Chick Cleansing Herbs is the strongest herbal formula on hand. It includes a strong dose of herbs to help clean out the uterus and improve blood circulation to the mid-section. The herbs included promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tighten skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. Including Rose Petals, White Sage and Parsley among others, these herbs provide beauty to all of the senses.

This blend is for:

Postpartum Users (during the 1-2 week time period after giving birth)

Users with Normal or Long Menstrual Cycles (28 Days or Longer)

Users with Missing Periods

Users with Periods that are controlled with oral contraceptives

Users who are Recovering from Miscarriage

Caution: This blend is not for women with short menstrual cycles (27 days or shorter) or women with interim bleeding, fresh spotting or spontaneous heavy bleeding between periods. 



10 Sessions - 5 oz

20 Sessions - 10 oz 

35 Sessions - 16 oz

The Steamy Chick Gentle Herbs help to mildly clean the uterus while also having the added benefit of being able to lengthen menstrual cycles and stop fresh spotting or interim bleeding. It includes citrus peel, astragalus, peppermint and additional herbs formulated for women with these types of cycles. 

This blend is for:

Users Prone to Short Menstrual Cycles (27 days or less)

Users Who Have Experienced Interim Bleeding (fresh spotting or spontanous bleeding between periods) anytime in the past 3 months

Users Who Have Experienced Two Periods Per Month anytime over the past 3 months

Postpartum moms who are experiencing heavy blood flow, whose periods return before 9 months postpartum or who have a history of short menstrual cycles

Note: If you fall into the categories above the Gentle Herbs are going to supersede any of the other herb formulas that you believe might suit you. These are the most important herbs for you to have.



10 Sessions - 6 oz

20 Sessions - 10 oz 

35 Sessions - 16 oz 

The Disinfecting Herb blend is designed for women that have excess cervical mucus and infections or viruses that accompany it. It includes herbs that help to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses while expelling toxins, reducing inflammation, getting rid of excess mucus, deodorizing and resetting the healthy vaginal flora in the reproductive tract. Some of the top herbs include white sage, sophora root and cornsilk. 

This blend is for:

Infections Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Inflammation Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

HPV Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

STDs Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Viruses Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Irregular Papsmears  Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Cervical Dysplasia  Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Cancer  Accompanied with Cervical Mucus

Note: If you have any of the above and you also have short menstrual cycles (27 days or less) then you should get both the Disinfecting Herbs AND the Gentle Herbs. If you have any of the above but it's not accompanies with cervical mucus then the cooling or cleansing herbs would probably be the best choice for you. 



10 Sessions - 8 ounces (.5 pound)

20 Sessions - 12 oz ounces (.75 pound)

35 Sessions - 24 oz ounces (1.5 pound)

The cooling herbs are specially designed for women experiencing nightsweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness or living in hot climates. It includes herbs that help to nourish, moisturize and cool down, as well as tonify the kidneys and provide circulation. Some of the main actors are irish moss and white peony root.

This blend is for:

Hot flashes


Vaginal Dryness

Users Living in Hot Climates


Infections or Viruses accompanied by vaginal dryness or burning

Caution: Usually not the best choice for fibroids and cysts. If you have any of the above and also have fibroids or cysts the cleansing herbs are probably the best choice for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the herbs without a vaginal steam sauna?

Yes. The herbs have a userguide with info on how to prepare the herbs and how to setup for a steam session without a sauna. 

Can I Use the Herbs More than Once?

Yes. You can use the herb packet more than once. Directions  on how to do so are in our online userguide.

How many herbs do I use for each session? 

2-3 tablespoons per session. 

I have bad menstrual cramps. Which blend is best for me?

All of the blends will help to get rid of menstrual cramps. Choose the blend most suitable to you and steam preceding the period.

Which blend is best for fertility?

All of the blends help with fertility. To increase fertility choose the blend that best suits the users body signs. For example, if the user is experiencing long menstrual cycles, then the Cleansing Herbs will be the best to boost the fertility. If the user is experiencing short cycles, then the Gentle Herbs will be the best to boost fertility. If the user is experiencing infections, then the disinfecting herbs will be the best to boost fertility. If the user has nightsweats, then the Cooling Herbs would be best to boost fertility

Which blend is best for fibroids?

The Cleansing, Gentle and Disinfecting Herbs all have herbs for shrinking fibroids. Choose the blend that suits you best. 

Which blend is best for cysts or PCOS? 

The Cleansing, Gentle and Disinfecting Herbs all have herbs for draining cysts. Choose the blend that suits you best. 

Which herbs are best for menopause?

If you are experiencing interim or spontaneous bleeding, then the Gentle Herbs. These herbs will be the most important until extra bleeding has stopped.

If you are experiencing hot flashes (and no extra bleeding) then the Cooling Herbs.

If you are experiencing infections and/or inflammation (and no extra bleeding) then go with the Disinfecting Herbs. 

If you are experiencing large clots and heavy dark maroon periods (with no extra bleeding between periods) then go with the Cleansing Herbs.  

If your periods keep disappearing for months at a time and then coming back, use the Cleansing Herbs. 

I am post-menopause and no longer have periods. What herbs are best for me?

If you have vaginal dryness, use the Cooling Herbs.

If you have infections, use the Disinfecting Herbs.

If you have prolapse or hemorrhoids or abdominal bloating or occasional spotting, use the Gentle Herbs.

If you have phantom cramping, swollen breasts or PMS signs, use the Cleansing Herbs. 

Which herbs are most suitable for endometriosis?

In general, the Cleansing Herbs are best.

If you also have infections, the Disinfecting Herbs are best. 

If you have short cycles, the Gentle Herbs are best. 

The Cooling Herbs probably aren't suitable.

Which blend is best for PMS? 

All blends will regulate PMS. Choose the blend that is most suitable for you. 

I've had a full or partial hysterectomy or have had fallopian tubes or ovaries removed. Which blend is best?

If you still have a period then use the blend that best suits you.

If you do not have periods, then use the Cleansing Herbs for general use.

If you have pain or scar tissue, use the Cleansing Herbs. 

If you have infections, the Disinfecting Herbs would be best.

If you have nightsweats, hotflashes, etc. then the Cooling Herbs would be best. 

If you are having trouble with prolapse, then you would use the Gentle Herbs. 

Which herbs are best for menarche or before my daughters period starts?

Before the period starts (up until the age of 12 and a half), use the Gentle Herbs.

After the period starts the Cleansing Herbs would be best unless one of the other blends suits her more (i.e. if she has infections she should have the Disinfecting Herbs, etc.)

If a girl starts her period before the age of 12, the Gentle Herbs would be best for her. She should steam after each period and the week before her period is due. This *might* help her period go away. If it does, she should continue to steam once a month with the Gentle Herbs to keep it from coming on again.

If a young lady is 14 or older and her period has not started yet, use the Cleansing Herbs. 

Are the herbs safe while breastfeeding?

So far there is no connection between using herbs to steam the vagina and the amount of breastmilk supply. They appear not to have an influence on one another.

The Cleansing, Gentle and Cooling herbs are all entirely safe for breastfeeding.

The Disinfecting Herbs are full of drying herbs. Though there have not been any cases of a decrease in supply, it might be best to avoid them.

Although white sage (a drying herb) is in the Cleansing Herbs, the drying action of the herb is balanced out by other herbs in the mix that are moisturizing. This blend has been used safely by at least 50 postpartum breastfeeding moms without any influence on breastmilk. If anything, some of the mothers have reported that vaginal steaming has increased their milk supply. 

How do I prepare the herbs without a vaginal steam sauna?

There is an easy setup shown in the userguide. Click here to see

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59 Reviews

  • 5
    Gentle herbs blend

    Published by Emily Baker on 15th May 2019

    These herbs look and smell beautiful! I like that they come loose so I can adjust the amount I use. As a woman with short cycles ~24 days, this gentle herb blend has helped to improve the quality of my period. I usually receive the shipment one week after ordering.

  • 5
    I’m hooked!

    Published by AWH on 11th May 2019

    So soothing and relaxing! Surprised by that part. But love this entire concept AND the product. I’m hooked.

  • 5
    high quality, potent herbs!

    Published by Danette on 10th Apr 2019

    my herbs came quickly and smell fresh and potent... highly satisfied!

  • 5
    First of all, I was not expecting the order to come with SO much! After I steamed to heal my BV, I still had so much leftover for any future infections that may come about. I feel fresher and in charge of my vaginal health.

    Published by Shelby on 10th Apr 2019

    10/10 will use for the rest of my life!

  • 4
    General Cleanse

    Published by T.M. on 9th Apr 2019

    This product actually works. I am please so far with the improvements and plan to continue using these herbs. I've told all of my friends who are also trying this out.

  • 5
    I am the First Bangladeshi using this product and really happy

    Published by Elizabeth on 7th Apr 2019

    I was suffering from chronic infections and few problems during my period. But finally I got real good remedies. I am so happy I found it and I did took a chance. Now I am encouraging more women in my community about steaming. It will be little hard to order the product from USA but let's see how it works out. Thank you so much and good luck from bottom of my heart.

  • 5
    Nice herbs

    Published by Susan on 1st Apr 2019

    Thank you for the great quality herbs!

  • 5
    Cleansing, disinfecting and cooling herbs

    Published by Meg on 7th Feb 2019

    All of these herbs are beautiful, high quality and get the job done! Cooling are super moisturizing. I don’t care for the smell though (smells like seaweed because of the Irish moss). Disinfecting and cleansing smell amazing!! Your kitchen will smell great while you’re simmering away. My favorite of them is cleansing though! It smells like roses, and the blend is just gorgeous to look at. It really gets your old residue out. I’ve noticed much more residue coming out during my period since using these herbs.

  • 5
    Disinfectant Herbs

    Published by korla c collins on 22nd Jan 2019

    They make me feel cleaner after a steam and it helps with irritation and odor after my cycle. The herbs smell good while steaming and they last a long time because you don't need a lot

  • 2
    I really just don’t know anymore.

    Published by DC on 13th Dec 2018

    The first time I tried this product I had an amazing experience. I felt like I was being cured. The first time I purchased the 10 steam Disinfecting Herbs package. They came prepackaged in 10 huge tea bags. The first day I felt instant relief. I ended up getting my ph level down to 4.5 after the first cycle. My period came on and I even felt the difference with that. The blood flowed easier(no clotting and a healthy color red) and there were no cramps but once my period ended, what I thought was a cure had ended. The BV was back. I emailed someone and asked if that was normal because I thought in 10 days I would be cured. I was then told it usually takes 3 cycles even though the blog post I read on this site convinced me all it would take is 10 days. So I ordered more, but this time I ordered the 20 steam package, but I didn’t know that it would be loose herbs. The first time I ordered there was only one option, now there is the option to buy 10, 20, or 35 I believe.. But I figured it would be wiser to just order in bulk since I knew it would take 3 cycles. I am under the impression that the loose herbs are less effective because so far I am 2 cycles in and have not seen any results. I want to try again and order the 10 steam package, but I do not know if all the packages have been converted to loose leaf or if it is just the bulk packages. I’m just dissapointed and sad that this isn’t working for me. Idk, decide for yourself. I pray that you have better results than I.

  • 5

    Published by Karli on 3rd Dec 2018

    Absolutely love these herbs, they have completely changed my life! Before finding out about Steamy Chick, I was having chronic Urinary Tract Infections and Bacterial Infections. After my what seemed like millionth round of antibiotics, I decided enough was enough. I had destroyed my digestive flora and immune system taking all of the antibiotic and was looking for a natural cure. I tried several different essential oil blends, herbal teas, detox diets, etc but had only been able to hold off the inevitable. I would always end up needing the antibiotics to feel relief. My friend through work mentioned that maybe I should try vaginal steaming because it had helped her regulate her period and she had read that many people used steaming to help with chronic infection. I am now on my second order of the disinfecting herbs and they are the absolute best. I have not had a single infection since my first steam session. Anytime I feel the slightest bit of discomfort, I just steam and it goes away. THANK YOU STEAMY CHICK for changing my life and allowing me confidence in my bodies ability to heal itself.

  • 4
    Cleansing & Disinfecting Herb Blends

    Published by Teresa Harris on 25th Nov 2018

    I recently purchased disinfecting herbs for two clients. One with recurrent yeast infections (she’s had them monthly for a year) and one with a herpes outbreak. The woman with the yeast infections did not have a yeast infection for the first time this month! Now, it’s hard to say if it was the steaming alone, because she was seeing an acupuncturist who gave her Chinese Herbs, but between you and me, I think it was the herbs. She did the steaming 10 days in a row for 10 mins daily and then a sits bath afterward. For the woman with the herpes outbreak, it was cleared up IN 4 DAYS! Record time! And that was only after steaming twice (I didn’t see her on day 1)!! The cleansing herbs I purchased for myself, and as I write this review I am enjoying a steam with them. I have nothing to report just yet as this is my first time with them, which is why I gave 4 stars and not 5. They smell wonderful!