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The Vaginal Steam Directory has a listing for all of the specialists who have been certified through Steamy Chick. In order to be certified each practitioner has completed a course of study directly with Keli Garza where they must pass a certification exam showing their proficiency and must work with practice clients under Keli's supervision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there are no practitioners near me?

I have been certified through another school. How Do I Get Listed on the Directory?

In order to be listed on this directory you have to be certified through Steamy Chick. 

I am listed on the directory but I would like to update my information. How do I go about that?

Please contact customer service through the Steamy Chick website. Please make sure to send in a photo of you with your Steamy Chick certificate. 

I completed my certification with Steamy Chick but I don't see my listing.

Once your certificate is issued your listing should be automatically listed on the directory. Please double check the search feature on the map where you can search for your location and/or your name. If you still cannot find it please reach out to customer service. 

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