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Hi! This is Keli. I created this Do-It-Yourself tutorial after working with over 700 clients one on one. I created this tutorial for two reasons. 

1) I found myself explaining the same concepts over and over again. For example: "Brown blood is old residue stuck in the uterus and a sign you're not getting a full uterine cleanse." I figured this tutorial could quiz someone on their period signs and then, if they have a sign like brown blood, it could explain this concept automatically without having to wait to speak with me. This way I can reach more people and make sure that, in addition to getting vaginal steam recommendations, everyone is also learning more about their body and getting empowered to have a healthy cycle.

2) I get so many inquiries that its more people than I can correspond with one on one. The Do-It-Yourself tutorial is designed to help someone find out general information they might need about the right herbs, setup and protocol based on their menstrual cycle. 

This resource is provided by Steamy Chick free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I went through the tutorial but I need more help. Now what?

A: I would recommend one of the following options:

  • Go through the Userguide to see if it can answer your questions.
  • If you plan to steam at home and don't want to work with a practitioner but would rather learn the info you need on your own, take my course Vaginal Steam Starter's Guide.
  • Have a consultation over the phone or in Los Angeles with the Steamy Chick Midwife.
  • Find a certified practitioner on the Vaginal Steam Directory to work with.

Please do not contact Steamy Chick through chat, Facebook or Instagram with details about your menstrual cycle asking for advice.

Q: I don't want to spend any money and I need some guidance. Can someone just answer my question?

A: I have created the Do-It-Yourself Tutorial and Userguide as free resources. If you still need help or guidance at this point it's going to require someone to do an individual intake in order to analyze the best steam therapy protocol for you. Doing this type of intake can take up to an hour or longer and is very thorough which makes it time consuming. Unfortunately, this is not a service that Steamy Chick has the resources to offer for free. I hope you'll be able to work with the free resources provided.

Q: I followed the guidance on the tutorial and it didn't work.

A: At this point I would recommend working with a practitioner



3 Reviews

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    Grateful For This Mindful Tutorial

    Published by Crystal on 10th Dec 2019

    I am simply grateful for all the time that was taken to put this together to assist women on their journey to take responsibility for assessing what variables are necessary to consider in order to achieve womb harmony. Thank you SO much for the information :)

    Knowledge is power.

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    Delightfully Thorough!

    Published by Sierra on 7th Sep 2019

    After reading so much information online about steaming, I was confused about which herbs to use, how often to steam, how long a session should be, etc. This tutorial was intuitive and even made me think about things I hadn't considered, like do I want to improve fertility and do I have fibroids, which I do. I didn't even know that steaming could help with these issues (I came looking for answers on how to cure a yeast infection and recurring BV.) The tutorial gave me a short-term plan to cure the infections, and a long-term plan to increase fertility and dissolve the fibroid. You even receive an email copy of your answers and the recommendations, super helpful  I did my first steam last night and I’m committed to the process. Thank you for the tutorial Keli, and thank you for helping me not just get rid of infections, but reach for optimal vaginal health.

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    DIY V Steam is Brilliant and an incredible gift!

    Published by Michelle on 21st Jul 2018

    I am so blown away by this brilliant idea to help more women jump onto the path of V steaming. This DIY V steam quiz allows you to get started on a path fairly customized without even talking to a practitioner! And it covers all current possible health situations of women including pre=-menstrual, menstrual, and menopausal and their various challenges. Very impressed with this tool- it took a brilliant mind to seize upon the value of V steaming, the missing part of modern gynecology and then to create this tool to self diagnose and start steaming is brilliant. Thank you for your dedication and passion, Keli!