First Aid to Stop Bleeding

There are several situations where bleeding should be slowed down or stopped. This includes any uterine bleeding that occurs outside of a normal period -- spontaneous bleeding, ovulation "breakthrough" bleeding, fresh spotting, ongoing periods, two periods per month, menopausal bleeding and so on. Also, if a period lasts longer than 4 days of fresh heavy bleeding it should be stopped on day 5. Lastly, if someone is bleeding at a normal time (during their period, miscarriage or postpartum) but the bleeding is heavy it should be slowed down.

Heavy or abnormal uterine bleeding is a sign of uterine fatigue -- the uterus gets tired and the blood escapes and may start to pour out. There are two steps to stopping this type of uterine fatigue bleeding. It is recommended to use both steps together. 

#1 Bedrest -- immediate bedrest for 24-48 hours quickly decreases or stops the amount of bleeding by helping to rest the fatigued uterus.

#2 Herbal first aids that stop bleeding. Below are several remedies that may be able to slow or stop bleeding entirely.

Gentle Herbal Bath

Take a bath with the Steamy Chick gentle herbs or another anti-hemorrhagic formed herbal formula. Repeat if bleeding starts to increase again.

Mugwort Tea (artemesia argyi, ai ye)

Indications: heavy bleeding, spontaneous bleeding, fresh spotting

Steep 1 tsp mugwort in 8 ounces water. Drink 3 cups of tea throughout the day.

First Aid Tea (Shepherd's Purse, Yarrow, Lady's Mantle)

Zaire Sabb ( shared the following midwifery herbal remedy -- equal parts shephard's purse, yarrow and lady's mantle. This remedy is used by midwives to stop postpartum hemorrhage. It can also be used in the case of uterine fatigue to stop heavy bleeding or fresh spotting.

Indications: heavy bleeding, spontaneous bleeding, fresh spotting

For heavy bleeding mix 1 teaspoon of each herb and steep in 8 ounces of water. Drink the full amount as quickly as possible. Repeat as needed.

For spotting you can mix 1/3 teaspoon of each and steep in 8 ounces of water. Sip 3 cups of tea throughout the day.

YB Pills

Additionally, there is a safe over-the-counter herbal supplement that can be used as first aid to stop excessive bleeding. I call them the yb pills (short for their longer name yunnan baiyao). They are 100% safe and have no side effects. You can order yunnan baiyao online or get them from your local acupuncturist.

Yunnan Baiyao is an incredibly effective and useful herbal formula to have on hand as first aid to stop bleeding in emergency cases. 

It is indicated in the following cases of flood bleeding:

During the normal period (for example, filling up an overnight pad in under an hour)
Client is on day 5 or longer of the period with a heavy fresh bleed
Spontaneous interim bleeding that is fresh and heavy
Peri-menopausal spontaneous bleeding that is sudden and fast-flowing
An ongoing period (10 days or longer) where the fresh bleeding doesn't stop and has no end in sight

Note on use of Yunnan Baiyao

In the above cases yunnan baiyao is an emergency measure to stop bleeding. Once the bleeding stops the root of the problem must be treated through steaming, proper period care, rest, food therapy and acupuncture. It is not for continual ongoing use. It is simply an emergency aid to stop the bleeding so that the root of the problem can be addressed in order to prevent re-occurrence. Regular ongoing use can cause issues by creating stagnation and preventing new blood from forming. 

Yunnan Baiyao Contraindications

  • Blood Thinner Medications
  • Anticoagulant Medications
  • Severe irregular heartbeat
  • Pregnancy (may not be relevant in cases of bleeding however important to know)

Where to Purchase Yunnan Baiyao

There are many forms of yunnan baiyao including powder, patches and so on. You are looking for the capsules. 

Urban Herbs Co

Active Herb

NOTE: All yunnan baiyao comes from China however there are many different distributors. As a miracle formula it is used for many different reasons and the distributors will often promote it for different purposes. One of the popular uses for it is in veterinarian care for dogs. When Americans find this out they get weirded out a bit. It's important to know Yunnan Baiyao is a 100% herbal formula that was designed for humans. Example: no one would stop taking vitamin E simply because a vet now prescribes it to dogs. 

How to Administer

Yunnan baiyao is used similarly to aspirin. If someone has a headache they take an aspirin. Once the headache goes away they stop taking it. 

When there are emergency cases of uterine bleeding as indicated above, the client takes yunnan baiyao according to the dosage instructions.


 1-2 capsules every 4 hours until the bleeding slows or stops.

Restrictions While Taking Yunnan Baiyao:

Exercise is contraindicated. Absolute bed rest should be observed if possible. 

Avoid stressful situations, conversations and information.

Avoid consuming fish, beef, lamb, beans, and cold food at the same time.

Gui Pi Pian - Restore the Spleen Decoction

Additionally, there is a safe over-the-counter herbal supplement that can be used as first aid. They may stop fresh spotting or trickle bleeding. They're called gui pi pian pills. They are 100% safe and have no side effects. You can order online or get them from your local acupuncturist.