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Flying Lioness Menarche Deck

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The Flying Lioness Menarche Deck covers the basics of all-natural menstrual cycle education and self-care in fun, easy-to-read cards. Creating a new curriculum and appreciation for menarche (the arrival of the first period), Flying Lioness re-envisions what education for coming-of-age girls looks like. We believe everyone with a menstrual cycle should have information on how to have a healthy, pain-free period. The Flying Lioness Menarche Deck brings all that information together into one place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this deck appropriate for?

All ages. For menstruating girls and women. 

How many cards are in the deck?


How soon will I get my order? 

4-5 weeks from order date   

What size is the deck?

3x5 inches

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