Herbal Soak


When to Do an Herbal Soak

Burning Sensation


Dry Chapped Skin

Irritated Skin

Inflamed Skin


Treat Herpes Outbreak

If you are contraindicated to Steam and Would Still Like to Benefit From Herbs an herbal soak is one way to do that.

It is also good to add in an herbal soak after a steam session to treat active infections. 

Herbal Soak Directions

1) Get a beverage tub large enough for you to sit in. Preferably use something non-plastic.

2) Prepare your steam herbs as you would normally for a steam session. Use 1.5 liters/quarts of water.

3) Fill up the beverage tub with 1.5 liters/quarts of room temperature or cold water first.

4) Next, using pot holders carefully pour the pot of prepared steam herbs into the beverage tub. (The result of the room temperature water and the herbal water should be luke warm water.)

5) Remove bottoms and take a seat in the beverage tub.

6) Soak for 10-20 min or longer if you like.

Prevent from getting cold. Have a blanket or towel nearby to use around you if you start to get cold. 

Is this the same as a sitz bath?

A sitz bath usually refers to a small plastic bowl that goes on the toilet.

A sitz bath can also be used for an herbal soak but there are a couple downsides.

1) The sitz bath bowls are made from plastic which can taint herbs with toxins. (Beverage tubs, alternatively come in steel.)

2) There is a much smaller amount of water and surface that a sitz bath covers. (If you use the beverage tub you can use a lot more water and it will be touching a lot more of your body including the clitoris and anus.)

Is this the same as an herbal rinse?

An herbal rinse would usually refer to preparing the steam herbs, letting them cool and then using a peribottle or pitcher to then rinse the genitalia while sitting on the toilet and letting the herbal water drain into the toilet. With a rinse there is no sitting in the water. 
Herbal rinses are great, however, if there is burning or itchiness soaking is going to be key.  

Can this also be done in a bath tub?

Yes. However, the reason why a smaller beverage tub is recommended instead of a bathtub is so that you don't have to use a lot of herbs. If preparing an herbal bath you would want to use 1 cup of the Steamy Chick Cooling Herbs, 3 cups of the Steamy Chick Disinfecting, Cleansing or Gentle herbs but the herbal bath water still wouldn't be as concentrated. It is still very beneficial and super relaxing. A bath adds a lot of benefit because it increases the surface area the herbs are touching to the entire body. 
Herbal baths are ideal for people that have gardens or know how to harvest fresh herbs and have plenty.
For an herbal bath you would prepare your herbs using a lot more water and a big pot. You would fill up the bathtub with your preferred water temperature. Then you would pour in the herbs once they are ready. It's best practice to strain out the herbs or put them in a large muslin cloth when preparing them rather than put the plant matter in the bathtub. Putting the plant matter in the bathtub can clog the plumbing.