Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas - PH Course 102

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 Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas is course 102 in the Peristeam Hydrotherapist program.

It may be taken as a stand alone course if someone is a vaginal steam user and wants more information about herb formulation.

If someone is a practitioner there is no need to purchase this course because it is included in the certification programs. 

Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas goes over the essentials of making vaginal steam herb formulas. In this course participants learn to make 5 easy vaginal steam herb formulas (universal, cleansing, disinfecting, gentle and cooling). The following 7 herbs are used in the formulas: motherwort, lavender, nettles, mint, astragalus, mugwort and citrus peels. Herb substitutions are discussed if participants want to use alternative herbs. 

Participants Usually Include:

Vaginal Steam Facilitators

Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification Students

Vaginal Steam Users




Topics Include:

-vaginal steam herb categories

-classification of herbs according to western and Traditional Chinese Medicine properties

-how to make 5 universal vaginal steam herb formulas tailored for different users

(universal, cleansing, disinfecting, cooling, gentle)

-how to prepare herbs

-how to re-use herbs

-where to purchase herbs

-which forms of herbs not to use

-working with dry versus fresh herbs

-vaginal steam herb reference chart

Note: This course includes specific recipes.

Course materials

15 Short Video Lectures

 The entire course is go-at-your-own-pace.


There are no courses that need to be taken prior to this course, however it is highly recommended to take this course as part of the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification which will provide an intake form to help determine which herb category someone needs. There is no need to purchase this course separately if you plan to sign up for the Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification. Click here for more information.

Supplies You Will Need

The formulas in this course use the following herbs. Participants will need to source these herbs or substitutes in order to make the formulas.

Motherwort, Lavender, Nettles, Mint, Astragalus, Mugwort, Citrus Peels


Are the formulas in this course the same as the Steamy Chick Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs for sale on the website?

Unlike the Steamy Chick Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs the formulas in this course are designed for beginners and use the least amount of herbs possible to create formulas. This gives users a high level of mastery over the formulas so that they can customize and substitute the formulas while still making sure the overall formula has the desired outcome. Although the formulas are not the same as the Steamy Chick Custom Vaginal Steam Herbs they are equally as effective.



Keli Garza

Founder of the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Steamy Chick Owner

377 Reviews

  • 5
    Herb Formulas Course

    Published by Lizzy Masemola on 4th Dec 2019

    This course was very informative and interesting. I'm really looking forward to completing my vaginal steaming facilitator course. Thank you Keli.

  • 3
    Class info

    Published by Unknown on 26th Nov 2019

    This class was informative

  • 5
    awesome course

    Published by Unknown on 26th Nov 2019

    loved every video, I'm super excited to start my business

  • 5
    Loved it

    Published by Unknown on 25th Nov 2019

    So much information very knowledgeable and professional> The best part is that its convenient and on your own time.

  • 5
    Herb Formulas

    Published by Latashey Pickett on 23rd Nov 2019

    This course was great. It was very informative and I learned about a lot of herbs that I’ve never heard of before!

  • 5
    Steaming Guide Chart

    Published by Lorraine Smash on 21st Nov 2019

    Hi Kelli
    Thank you immensely for putting together this needed chart. You always seem to have our best interested in learning this course with ease. Thank you

  • 5
    Herbal Blend Class

    Published by Carly on 20th Nov 2019

    Such a great addition to this vaginal steam facilitator class! I am a novice herbalist and I adored learning about herbs from the Chinese medicine perspective and aquiring resources to further my knowledge. Keli's passion comes through in the videos and makes me appreciate the richness of the material that much more!

  • 5
    Herb Course

    Published by Regina Ibrahim on 16th Nov 2019

    I found this to be very informational for the basics of steaming. I can totally understand how important it is to experiment with different herbs

  • 5
    Easy to Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas Course

    Published by Teresa on 16th Nov 2019

    This course was very informative and helpful! I’ve worked with essential oils and herbs for my other business but this gives me a whole new outlook! Thank you, Keli!

  • 5
    Great Course

    Published by Kiyanna Muhammad on 14th Nov 2019

    Wonderful course! Very easy to follow and extremely informative!

  • 5
    Easy To Make Herb Formulas

    Published by Lucretia Vinson on 14th Nov 2019

    I enjoyed this training as I am a massage therapist who is interested in offering this service as more than just a spa experience. This course has really given me a foundation to really help my clients get to the source of pelvic issues. Now I can offer more that just my hands but a complete wellness option.

  • 5
    I am loving this courses

    Published by Unknown on 8th Nov 2019

    The course is so in depth and full of knowledge that I didn't know.