Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute is a branch created by Steamy Chick to advance the use of vaginal steam for therapeutic benefits.

This is done in two ways:

1) conducting research to fill the gap in knowledge about vaginal steam benefits

2) training practitioners

Origin of the Term Peristeam Hydrotherapy

"perineum" + "steam" = "peristeam"

hydrotherapy = the therapeutic use of water

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Definition

The therapeutic use of water vapor applied to the perineum.


The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute was founded in 2016 by Keli Garza after working with 700 clients. Garza combined the practice of vaginal steam with acupuncture diagnosis and herb customization in consultation with acupuncturist Kris Gonzalez. Garza and Gonzalez observed that the combination of steam and acupuncture successfully eased menstrual cycle imbalances, birth injuries and gynecological concerns at a quicker rate than either of those therapies on their own. To meet the growing demand for this unique combination method the multidisciplinary field of peristeam hydrotherapy was established and the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute was formed.

How Does Peristeam Hydrotherapy Work?

Peristeam hydrotherapy consists of a consultation between a practitioner and a client followed by a tailored steam plan.

Below are the steps of a peristeam hydrotherapist consultation.


Client fills out an online Peristeam Hydrotherapist intake form.


The Peristeam Hydrotherapist creates a steam plan with specific herbs, setup and steam schedule tailored to the clients needs.


Client implements steam plan.


Peristeam Hydrotherapist conducts post steam plan evaluation. If the problem is resolved then a maintenance plan will be recommended. If the problem persists the steam plan will be adjusted accordingly. 

7 Menstrual Cycle Imbalances

During a peristeam hydrotherapy consultation the practitioner is looking to identify if there are any underlying menstrual cycle imbalances. Through looking at the menstrual cycle there are seven health imbalances that can be detected that create negative women's health side effects. These are referred to by Peristeam Hydrotherapists as the 7 menstrual cycle imbalances. They include uterine stagnation, uterine fatigue, excess dampness, blood deficiency, excess heat, dryness and weak digestion.

The peristeam hydrotherapy approach is to design a steam plan to balance the underlying menstrual cycle imbalances which may result in improved menstrual cycle and gynecological health.

Standard Healthy Cycle

Peristeam hydrotherapists assume that menstrual cycles can be completely pleasant without any uncomfortable symptoms such as PMS, cramps, hormonal acne, back pain, clots, heavy bleeding, headaches, fatigue or uterine disorders. As such, peristeam hydrotherapists have adopted a standard for a healthy menstrual cycle. Sometimes referred to as the "perfect period" for short the concept of a standard healthy cycle came about after observing two thousand menstrual cycles and noting that: 1) people who did not have any uncomfortable menstrual cycle symptoms often had very similar periods; and 2) when people implemented vaginal steaming their periods often started to move closer to those traits.

Menstrual Cycle Length: 28-30 Days

Period Length: 4 Days

Menses Color: Fresh Red

Flow: Consistent and Clean (no clots, no start and stop)

Pain and Cramp Free

Expected Length of Time to See Benefits

Clients should dedicate three to six months of monthly peristeam hydrotherapist consultations.


Conducted by the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

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