Mild Steam Setup

The mild setup is the best way to set up your steam session if this is your first time using a vaginal steam sauna.

Use the mild setup a couple of times to get accustomed to the procedure.

When you desire more heat or want your steam session to continue for longer, then you can move onto the advanced steam setup

The advanced steam setup isn't for everyone though. 

It is not advised for users with any of the following:

Short menstrual cycles (27 days or less)

Excess heat (i.e. hot flashes, nightsweats, infections, burning sensation)

Fresh interim bleeding or spotting in between periods (or more than one period per month)

The above users will use mild steaming most of the time. Although gentle, it can be very effective over time. 


Use the kitchen stove or setup an electric burner (sold separately) outside of the sauna. 


Place the herb pot on top of the burner.



Fill up with 1-2 liters of water.



Add one herbal packet to the pot of water.

If you have loose leaf herbs add 3 tablespoons.


Put the herb pot lid on.


Turn up the burner to medium and let the herbs cook for 10 minutes.



After 10 minutes the herbs will be ready.

If you would like to get double use out of the herb packet carefully remove it with a large spoon and store it in the fridge for next day use. 


Carefully move the pot into the steam sauna. 


Place pot in the middle of the sauna.


Close the top of the sauna.


Remove the pot lid.


Test the steam with your hand. If it's too hot wait for a minute.


Your session is ready to go.

Remove bottoms and have a seat.