Oregon Cedar Yoni Sauna

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The Oregon Yoni Sauna is made with 100% natural cedar yoni steam box for vaginal steaming self-care ritual. We use zero plywood or finishes. The Oregon Yoni Sauna is designed and handcrafted by an avid vaginal steamer, with the guidance of highly skilled woodworkers. This steam sauna was thoughtfully designed with attention to comfort, safety, durability, and tasteful aesthetic. Any wood that is layered and pressed together is made with toxic glue and formaldehyde. When steam comes into contact with this, it can penetrate these toxins through the delicate skin. We take pride in the fact that our product is 100% natural and safe. Our heartfelt mission is to deliver a product that you want to come back to time and time again, with the highest quality and functionality.

The measurements of the teardrop hole are 7 3/4” inches long and at it’s widest section it is 3 in. 2 cm wide. I changed the design from round to teardrop because I find the teardrop hole very comfortable. The comfort of the teardrop allows me to relax even deeper. You sit with either the wider part in front or the other way around. Whichever way feels best for your body. The steam still delivers in the same way a round hole does.

The Oregon Yoni Sauna can also be used as a side table and small storage space when it is not in use (you can see some ideas in the photos). The dimensions of the box are 14x14x14 and it weighs 12 lbs. It can sit up to 300 lbs. of weight on top. The Oregon Yoni Sauna is made to use with an electric burner for mild and advanced steams. For advanced steams, there are 2 functional openings at the bottom left side and right side for an electric burner to safely sit on top of the cedar wood bottom. One opening is a small circle for the burner's cord, and the other is an oval opening for safely adjusting of the burner's dial to your comfort level throughout your steam. The teardrop hole on the removable top allows for the effective and comfortable delivery of the herbal steam.

What type of material (wood) is the sauna made out of?
100% Cedar

Is the sauna painted, varnished or finished with anything? 

What is the Size of the Steam Chair?
14 x 14 x 14

What is the Size of the Hole on the Sauna?
Teardrop hole is 7 1/2 inches long and the wide section is 3 inches wide

What is the weight limit for the sauna? 
300 pounds

Where are the saunas located?
Portland, Oregon

Is pickup an option for local customers in your area?
Yes, Pick up can be arranged. Email: theyonisauna@gmail.com

What mail courier do you plan to ship with?
UPS and FedEx

What area do you ship to?
USA and Internationally

What area do you not ship to?

Is the sauna new or used?
All Saunas are new

When you get an order how many days does it take to ship?
Sauna Ships within 3-5 days


Warranty Information

Important - all sales are final. Hand made wooden items usually have characteristics like knots and different wood patterns. This is a one-of-a-kind hand made item. Please be sure that you will be happy with a hand-made item rather than a factory-made item with perfect edges. All sales are final and there is not any warranty on this sauna. If the sauna is defective or arrives damaged do not use it. Please let the builder know immediately within 7 days of receiving. Take photos of the defect and send them to the builder's email contact from their listing. If it is determined that your item is defective or was damaged during shipping the item will be replaced. Save all of your packaging. You will have to re-package it for pickup by UPS. We will not replace items that do not have the original packaging for transport.
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