Organic Sexuality Podcast: Vaginal Steaming for Womb Health

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From Organic Sexuality:

I first met Keli at my STREAM training when she guest-spoke about the efficacy of peri-steaming and its long history and current practice as preventative and postpartum care in dozens of cultures around the world.  I am continually amazed that this efficient and cost-effective practice isn’t more widely known to address such a wide range of issues – from resolving irregular period symptoms, to postpartum recovery, to restoring sensations from sexual trauma, to increasing blood flow for penis-owners.  I really admire Keli and how she has guided Steamy Chick towards data collection and will soon be creating new educational campaigns about holistic standards for “good gynecology.”  

Whether healing from a traumatic birth, sexual abuse, or genital mutilation, V Steaming can be a safe way to re-introduce a new story via restoring new sensations of pleasure, intimacy and safe presence between the vulva/vagina and its body-owner. Additionally, covering the clitoral area & vulva with organic, hexane-free, cold-pressed Castor Oil whilst steaming can further increase blood flow, restore sensations, and resolve scar tissue - re-sensitizing the nerve endings from excessive vibrator use, past violations or birth tears resulting in clitoral & genital armour. This is beyond the already wide range of effective and cost-efficient ways Vaginal and Perineal Steaming supports healthy, organic reproductive flow via resolving menstrual obstructions that cause cramping, excess bleeding or brown/dark/clotty menses, tonifying a weak uterus, resolving fertility issues, and supporting postpartum recovery.

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