Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification

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Trimester I 

101 Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification

Introductory study of facilitating vaginal steam sessions including pre-screening to identify contraindications and sensitivities, differentiating vaginal steam herb categories and selection, vaginal steam setup components and safety, self-practice, supervised practice client session, physiological responses post-steaming and business skills for a vaginal steam practice. Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification issued upon course completion. UNITS - 2.00.

102 Womb Cleanse Care

Advanced study of menstruation as a natural uterine cleanse. Emphasis on supportive care for an efficient uterine cleanse including nutrition and lifestyle considerations; correlation of menstrual cycle disorders resulting from incomplete uterine cleanses; and implementation of self-practice. UNITS - 1.00

103 Menstrual Cycle Analysis: How to Read the Period

Menstrual cycle analysis with emphasis on how to identify indicators of imbalance through menstrual observations. Practice includes in-depth self-assessment, menstrual cycle profiles and practice assessments. UNITS - 2.00

104 Basics of Female Anatomy for Vaginal Steam Practitioners (Instructor - Raquel Lemus)

Female anatomy with emphasis on how steam hydrotherapy interacts with different parts of the reproductive system. UNITS - 2.00

105 Vaginal Steaming to Treat Uterine Fatigue

Advanced steam therapy protocols for treating uterine fatigue. Emphasis on abnormal uterine bleeding, short menstrual cycles and interim bleeding. UNITS - 2.00. PRE:101,102,103,104

106 Vaginal Steaming to Clear Dampness and Infections

Advanced steam therapy protocols for treating infections and irregular vaginal discharge. Emphasis on differentiating between dry and damp-natured infections and tailoring treatment protocols accordingly. UNITS - 2.00. PRE:101,102,103,104.

107 Uterine Cleanse: Vaginal Steaming to Clear Stagnation

Advanced steam therapy protocols for treating uterine residue buildup with emphasis on menstrual cramps, clots, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. UNITS - 2.00. PRE:101,102,103,104

Trimester II

201 Vaginal Steaming to Regularize Long and Missing Cycles

Advanced steam therapy protocols for long menstrual cycles and absent periods. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 102, 103

202 Vaginal Steaming to Treat Cysts, Bumps and Fibroids

Advanced steam therapy protocols for addressing cysts, bumps and fibroids. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 106, 107

203 Vaginal Steaming for Menarche

Advanced steam therapy protocols for menarche, body literacy education for adolescents, coming of age celebrations. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107

204 Vaginal Steaming for Labor Preparation

Advanced steam therapy protocols for labor readiness. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 103, 104, 201

205 Postpartum Vaginal Steaming

Advanced steam therapy protocols for postpartum recovery. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 201

206 Vaginal Steaming to Treat Prolapse and Hemorrhoids

Advanced steam protocols to treat vaginal prolapse and hemorrhoids. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 104, 205

207 Vaginal Steaming to Recover from Pregnancy Loss

Advanced steam protocols to recover from pregnancy loss. Emphasis on missed miscarriages, incomplete miscarriages and healthy period return. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 201, 204, 205

Trimester III

301 Vaginal Steaming for Healing from Sexual Abuse

Advanced steam therapy protocols for sexual abuse with emphasis on first-aid and long-term recovery. UNITS - 2.00

302 Vaginal Steaming to Alleviate Pain During Sex

Advanced steam therapy protocols for alleviating pain during sex. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 104, 106, 202, 301

303 Vaginal Steaming for Fertility

Advanced steam therapy protocols for a fertile reproductive cycle with emphasis on unexplained infertility and anovulation. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 201, 202, 207, 302

304 Vaginal Steaming for Menopause

Advanced steam therapy protocols to alleviate menopause symptoms. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 201, 202, 206

305 Vaginal Steaming for Post-Menopause

Advanced steam therapy protocols for post-menopausal health. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 201, 202, 206

306 Formulating a Peristeam Hydrotherapy Treatment Plan

Formulating a peristeam hydrotherapy plan. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101-305

307 Evaluating the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Treatment Plan

Evaluating the peristeam hydrotherapy plan. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101-306

Trimester IV

401 Understanding Gynecological Disorders in Both Eastern and Western Medicine

Introduction of gynecological terminology and disorders in Eastern and Western Medicine. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101, 103, 104

402 Comparative Gynecological Treatment Methods in Eastern, Western and Folk Medicine

Overview and comparison of gynecological treatment methods in Eastern, Western and Folk Medicine. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 401

403 Using Vaginal Steaming in Combination with Gynecological Treatments

Advanced steam therapy protocols to supplement care during gynecological interventions. UNITS - 2.00. PRE: 101-402

404 Easy-to-Make Vaginal Steam Herb Formulas

Comprehensive study of vaginal steam herb formulation with emphasis on learning Eastern and Western herb classifications and how to adjust formulas based on different user needs. UNITS - 1.00. PRE: 101, 103

405 Cultural Anthropology of Vaginal Steaming

Introductory Study of vaginal steam cultural anthropology with emphasis on variations in treatment, herbs and use around the world. UNITS: 2.00. PRE: 101, 404

406 How to Sync the Cycle with the Moon

Advanced study of strategies that synchronize menstrual and lunar cycles. UNITS: 2.00. PRE: 101-201

407 Understanding Steam

Introductory study of the compound water vapor and it's scientific properties with emphasis on how it interacts and influences the human anatomy. UNITS: 2.00.

408 Vaginal Steam Adversaries

Critical viewpoints of vaginal steam adversaries. UNITS: 2.00.


Keli Garza

Raquel Lemus (Basics of Female Anatomy)

What's the Certification Price?

$1261 per trimester

$5044 full program

If I already paid for some of the courses do I have to pay for those again?

No. When checking out select how many "units" you've taken and it will automatically remove the amount you paid from the total. If you have taken the Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification since December 2018 and paid $397 for the course select 4 units. If you took the Vaginal Steam Facilitator certification prior to that then select the units for how many items you've paid for. If you can't remember please contact customer service for assistance. 

When is the Payment Due?

At the beginning of each trimester. Once you complete a trimester you can sign up for the next one. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Program?

Each trimester takes about 4 months however it may be faster or longer depending on the student's schedule.

4 trimesters x 4 months = 16 months

What if I really want to do the program but do not have the financial means? 

Please contact for more info on how to take the program in stages. 

13 Reviews

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    Five Star Review for Steamy Chick

    Published by BELLA LAUREN on 6th Jul 2018

    I am so thankful that I have found Steamy Chick, Keli and this course. She is very knowledgeable and through in her teaching style. She has done a phenomenal job at bringing this ancient healing system back to the modern world so women today can learn and benefit from vaginal steaming. We live in a time where we can not rely on the broke medical system, so it is timely that Keli has founded this course and her company to support the resurgence of these healing ways and empower women everywhere to heal themselves and share with their sisters. Thank You Keli. You are a modern trail blazer for Steaming! With Love and Gratitude. Bella