Presenting the Hot + Steamy Podcast


Zhaleh and Mike Phillips

Season 1

The Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam Study

Mansplaining by Mike

Making it to the end of each episode is worth it for "Mansplaining by Mike" where he mansplains for the fellas what the guest just talked about.


Steamy Chick and Magamamas


How the Podcast Came Into Existence

[Phone Conversation between Keli (Steamy Chick) and Kimberly (Magamamas) -- sometime late in the year 2019]

Kimberly: "I know you're going to say no but we should have a podcast to discuss the results of the Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam Study."

Keli: "Yeah right! No one has time for that."

Kimberly: "I really think it's necessary. There are so many conversations to have about the results beyond just reading the data."

Keli: "Maybe I can get my friends Zhaleh and Mike to do it. I remember them mentioning something about wanting to do a podcast. Plus she's a Vaginal Steam Practitioner and owns yoyonispa.com and she's really smart and knows a lot of people. And he's a music producer so can handle the technical aspect of it."

Kimberly: "I'd sponsor it if you go in 50/50 with me."

Keli: "Yeah. I'm in."