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The map above is a Vaginal Steam Directory with a listing for all of the specialists who have been certified through Steamy Chick. In order to be certified each practitioner has completed a course of study directly with the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute where they must pass a certification exam showing their proficiency and must work with practice clients under supervision. Scroll in and select the marker to see the practitioners in your area. 

Beginner Level: Vaginal Steam Facilitators (green)

Recommended for weekly steam plans, pamper parties, mobile services and if you're looking for a spa environment. See weekly, bimonthly or monthly as desired.

Advanced Level: Acupuncture Steam Therapists (purple)

Recommended for menstrual cycle imbalances and gynecological concerns. Great at addressing the underlying causes of health concerns. It is best to see acupuncturist steam therapists in person to benefit from their array of health treatments. See weekly for 4-12 sessions.

Advanced Level: Peristeam Hydrotherapists (purple)

Recommended for menstrual cycle imbalances, gynecological concerns, adolescence, fertility readiness, pregnancy loss recovery, labor preparation, postpartum and menopause. Great at using steam as the primary method to ease menstrual cycle imbalances and gynecological concerns. Great at identifying and educating how and why menstrual and gynecological imbalances might be occurring. Peristeam hydrotherapists primarily do consultations over the phone after sending the client an online intake form. Do monthly consultations for 3-6 months.


How do I get on this map? Get certified through Steamy Chick.

How do I update my details on the directory? Chat or leave a message for customer service at the bottom of the window.

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Click the options below or call the Vaginal Steam Hotline 503-506-0168 for assistance.