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In this 4 Week Guided Online Course, Kris, our Steamy Chick Acupuncturist will teach on our Sacred Vaginal Ecology. During our 4 weeks together, we'll learn to naturally, effectively and holistically approach common gynecological conditions such as acute and chronic yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, UTIs and much more. We'll gain deep body literacy and truly understand our vaginal ecology and incorporate healthful practices to stop recurrent challenges and to keep them at bay. Learn to look at yourself globally and examine all of the factors that may be contributing to your vaginal ecolgoy. Join today, we start tomorrow!




Kris is amazing!

Published by Becki Lanham on 13th Dec 2018

I LOVED this course. I've taken quite a few Steamy Chick classes and this one is one of my very favorites. Kris offers so much invaluable information in a way this is easily understandable. I can't wait to start this protocol! Thank you. :)

sacred vaginal ecology

Published by Roxanne on 29th Nov 2018

Loved this class! Highly recommended, changing my habits to incorporate all the wonderful new things I've learned. Love that it is more of a holistic approach to vaginal problems than just chasing it with medications! Excited to see how well my body responds to the flora balance protocol! Kris is also so responsive to all questions about the information she is sharing. Thanks again Kris!

Sacred vaginal ecology

Published by Dr. Carol S. Kessler, PhD (OM), LAc, MS, LMT on 27th Nov 2018

Kris is so compassionate and it comes through in her work. The course is outstanding and I do recommend it to anyone who wants a deep understanding on how their body's work, the overall anatomy and what we can do to make it even better.

Jade Gate Health Review

Published by June on 26th Nov 2018

*Five Stars* This class has absolutely changed my LIFE! I have gone from doctor to doctor ever since I was a child to resolve chronic infections, believing that it was completely normal. All I have to do is pop a pill and that will hold me down until the next one. As I became an adult, I could feel how these infections have affected my romantic relationships and my overall sense of well-being. I especially got a bad breakout after leaving a job in a service field working in trauma, which sparked me on this path of exploring the root cause of my suffering after doctors told me I was fine. (I was taking on other's pain as my own, especially their sexual trauma as well as resurfacing my childhood trauma!) Within a month, I felt so empowered and in control of my jade gate, while thanking her for all the messages she has given me throughout my life to take better care of myself. I know what foods, vitamins, and herbs to incorporate into my diet and I now know how to intervene AND prevent future infections using natural remedies. Most importantly, it's invited me to reflect on the boundaries I haven't set for myself and how that shows up in my body. I wish every single woman or person with a vagina could take this course so that they can take reproductive health back into their own hands.

I always love Kris's classes!

Published by Adrienne Irizarry on 26th Nov 2018

Kris is a talented healer and teacher. I always watch for classes by Kris because she explains concepts very well. She offers herself as a resource and is mindful of what her students need. This class was a comprehensive look at infections and truly getting to the root of the cause to stop the cycle. I would HIGHLY recommend this and any class Kris teaches.

A wealth of information!

Published by Nicole on 26th Nov 2018
I'm amazed at how much information Kris has packed into this course! She is truly holistic in her approach and I learned more than I anticipated about not just vaginal ecology but different avenues toward health that I hadn't considered before. Thank you so much Kris!
Invaluable resource!
Published by Meghan on 22nd Nov 2018
This course is an invaluable resource if you or someone you love suffers from chronic infections. In just a few weeks, my health has improved and I finally feel truly empowered on my wellness journey. Kris is a truly gifted healer and possesses a wealth of knowledge on women's health and health in general.


Course Format: 

  • 4 Weeks, staring April 12th
  • New lessons released daily
  • Daily discussion of the lesson in our private FB Group
  • Invitation to our Private FB Group
  • Video & Written Lectures
  • Access to Exclusive Discounted Supplement Dispensary
  • Weekly FB Lives with Q&A
  • Community & Support 

This course is for you if:

  • You are burdened by recurring imbalances in your vaginal ecology 
  • You have a tendency towards recurring infections and want to learn how to maintain harmony
  • You hope to integrate these wisdoms and share the knowledge in your practice or in your communities


The Basics

  • Simple Anatomy
  • What's Going On Down There?
  • Sacred Ecology
  • Let's Talk About Hygiene
The Plan
  • Our 7 Part Plan
  • A Note on Nutrition
  • #1 Treatment
  • #2 Flora Balance Protocol
  • #3 Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
  • #4 Reset Your Mindset
  • #5 Calm Your Nerves
  • #6 Pelvic Steams & More
  • #7 Go Green & Healthy Sex
Other Disorders of the Jade Gate
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Genital Herpes
  • Hemorrhoids
Other Practices
  • Integral Tone
  • Your Authentic Voice
  • Neutral Compassion



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The Steamy Chick Acupuncturist


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